Why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Goal Setting episode with Andy Smith

The secret behind success and daily productivity often lies in the right goal diligently executed. But what does the ‘right goal’ look like? And how can we motivate ourselves to overcome procrastination and work on it?

Goals can be incredibly powerful. Set the right goal and put in the planning and work, and you can achieve amazing things. But if goals were that easy, then surely we’d all be achieving many more of our dreams?

The truth is that, as a rule, human beings are terrible at setting goals. Just take New Year resolutions, the annual goal-setting farce. We resolve to get fitter, healthier, better, happier, more successful, etc, etc. But according to studies like this one, as few as 19% of us actually achieve these goals.

So why is that? Does the problem like in the goals we are setting ourselves? Or how we approach achieving them? And how can we increase the likelihood of success when we set goals for ourselves?

To find out, we interviewed neuro-expert Andy Smith from Coaching Leaders. Andy is author of the book Work/Life: Achieve Your Goals, and an executive coach and trainer specializing in NLP and emotional intelligence.

We wanted to discover exactly what makes not just a great goal, but a goal that has an increased chance of being achieved. And what we can do to improve our success in actually working towards that goal.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Get Rich Slow podcast episode:

  • The three things you need for genuine success
  • What makes a truly great goal?
  • Why SMART goals aren’t enough
  • The difference between ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ motivation – and why one doesn’t work!
  • How to tell if your motivation is ‘away from’
  • Why people struggle to lose the last half stone on a diet
  • Why you should never set goals when you are under stress
  • The two networks in the brain that we use for motivation, and why they’re different
  • How to harness both of these networks to be more impactful and successful
  • What you need to think about before setting a goal
  • Why our brains are biased to pay more attention to threats than opportunities
  • The difference between being creative and task-focused
  • Why a friend can help you be more objective when setting goals
  • How reference experiences can build our confidence to set ambitious goals
  • What to do when you fail to reach a goal, or your desire to reach the goal goes
  • What ‘double loop’ learning is, and why it’s important when working towards a goal
  • What the reluctant swimmer can teach us all about getting started on a goal

Listen to Selling Yourself with Andy Smith now 

You can listen to the Setting Goals episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Andy Smith here now!