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Who is your teacher?

Hello, I am Hannah Martin and I am the founder of Talented Ladies Club and the Get Rich Slow podcast.

I'm also an award-winning copywriter, qualified psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator.

Talented Ladies Club has a global audience of over 100,000 monthly readers and we have a library of popular online courses for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

I am based in the UK, but our readers and students live all over the world.

We donate a percentage of our monthly turnover to charities, including Microloan Foundation, a social micro finance institution providing business loans and training to women facing poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

Talented Ladies Club's mission is to unlock the potential of women (and men) and I personally edit the content you read on our website and create and run our online courses.

I hope you enjoy our courses and find them as beneficial as all our current happy students.

What do people say about our courses?

My sales have increased by 240%

From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business.

It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them.

Since September, when we started this course, my sales have increased by 240%.

Kerry Coleman

I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week

I am so excited to announce I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week. 84 amazing students on board.

After 18 months of failed launches using all the wrong marketing strategies, I finally joined Hannah Martin's programme and it has turned my business around in ways I couldn't even imagine.

Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, WildlifeTek

If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

Hannah's knowledge is extensive, she has some fantastic stories to back up what she is telling you, and she is incredibly personable.

Thanks to Hannah, the changes to my business have been incredible - some small, some big, all impactful. If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

Laura Harmsworth, Caversham CV

You have hands down been the best practical trainer I have watched

You are a complete natural when it comes to delivery, and it is really clear you are invested in making sure that everyone on the course is successful. The added bonus material you have added, plus the follow-up call you mentioned today is a great demonstration of how you care about what you do.

Having attended many online events since the pandemic began you have hands down been the best practical trainer I have watched, listened to, and believed in. My only regret is that I didn't attend this time last year, and had spent the various lockdowns being more productive than I actually was...

Graham Proud, Four Steps Training and Management Consulting 

You really are an expert in your field

You really are an expert in your field and you communicate your pearls of wisdom so well. It has been inspirational and I am so pleased to have been able to join in this course with you.

Kate Davies, Freelance Interpreter/Trainer/Consultant 

One of the best courses I have ever done

This course is one of the best courses I have ever done. Incredible content, an incredible tutor and really easy to follow and do.

I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to get their skills and use them to create an online course to teach others.

Marie Hall, Empowerment House

By far the best investment I've made in my business to date

With my face-to-face workshops cancelled due to lockdown and looking for a way to support my clients, Hannah's 'Create and sell your first online course' couldn't have come at a better time. 

It is a fantastically comprehensive course that takes you from how to come up with a viable idea, through to building, marketing and selling the final product. I've learnt so many new skills I feel like I've had a reboot!

My clients are absolutely blown away by the learning platform and how professional my course looks, and feedback from course users has been fantastic.

This course is by far the best investment I've made in my business to date. Thank you Hannah!

Frances Cushway, career coach

This course is such good value

This course is such good value. It is packed with practical content, clear “how-to” videos and literally holds you by the hand through all the steps you need to take. You can take the class at your own pace but I found the weekly live catch-ups so helpful in keeping me on track and accountable.

I am so glad that I took the leap and am so much closer now to my goals. Plus my goals are clearer too. Thank you.

Aileen Edgar, tutor

Working with Hannah has been fantastic

Working with Hannah has been fantastic. She puts so much into her course and goes above and beyond.

She really helped us to move our career coaching products online and to gain a sound understanding of how to market and sell these effectively.

We have mastered a sales technique that works and got us new clients and leads, and we will continue to use the tools and techniques Hannah has taught us going forward.

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

The course is well structured and easy to navigate

You made SEO simple to understand and implement. The course is well structured and easy to navigate. There are some very useful external links and Google tools that I find very helpful. The course is ideal if you are looking for some non-technical SEO support.

- Dr Mei Tuson

This course is great!

This course is great! Saves hours of wading through information as it cuts right to the chase. It’s easy to take notes and brilliant to be able to get back to. The course bridges the gap between technical SEO expertise and everyday use in your own business and clients’ businesses.

- Paula Hutchings, Marketing Vision Consultancy

This is the one for you

If you're looking for a beginner's course that explains the mysteries of SEO and walks you through each stage in a clear and helpful way, then this is the one for you.

- Charlotte Moore, Smoothie PR

I got my entire investment back from one workshop

Before I did Double Your Profits I felt really guilty for not being with my kids, or at the end of the month not bringing enough money to my house, even when I worked really hard. And I was starting to feel like I was not good at my job because of that.

I was blaming my ability rather than the method I was using. But now I have a much better understanding of business, and I have more organisation in my daily work.

Importantly, I can also see when things are not right, and understand why that’s the case. And I know how to make the changes needed. I have a holistic vision of my business, rather than only seeing some parts of it in isolation.

I got my entire investment back from one workshop that I ran because of the course. 

Alejandra Gonaldi, Calligrapher

You need Hannah in your life!

I have recently completed the Double Your Profits programme and can not shout loud enough how useful it was.

Hannah shares soooo much wisdom, content and just the right amount of accountability pressure to ensure I worked through the processes to build my business.

With her cheerleading and knowledge, I have developed a website, a sales and marketing plan, an online learning platform, mastered Google Sheets and email automation, signed up to booking and payment systems and my administration processes are more efficient, allowing me to spend more time selling and delivering.

If you want to find out what your business is all about, how it can earn you money and meet like-minded and supportive women, you need Hannah in your life!

Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching

I tripled my online sales

My aim for a successful business was to triple my average online sales and to be able to outsource fulfilment. And, just six weeks after starting Double Your Profits, I made the decision to outsource fulfilment and, as a result, I tripled my online sales.  

It’s been amazing. Not only have I already achieved two ambitious business goals, but it’s made me realise it is possible to do more, and that I CAN reach my targets. By focusing on the money, processes and systems and just getting on with it, and doing things that are right for your business, you can make a big difference.  

Double Your Profits has really helped me take an absolutely massive leap in essentially the space of a month.

Amanda Overend, Books & Pieces

I was working on a proposal and wanted the Pricing Masterclass to give me a boost when putting a price on it. After the class I went in at 60% more than I had initially planned, and this has just been accepted without a blink of an eye. Thanks!

— Carolyn Strand, Pricing Masterclass

I've learned so much from this class. It has clear, simple and helpful steps to follow and as someone who's never written a sales page before, it's helped demystify what I need to do and made me feel confident about how to do it.

— Suzy Stanton, Sales Page Masterclass

Listening to your Pricing Masterclass - have learnt more stuff, amazing! Have worked out my cost of time and so pleased I have upped my prices otherwise would not be earning enough to cover that let alone all the
other costs.

— Laura Harmsworth, Pricing Masterclass

Your masterclass was just so perfect. I've literally just started building sales pages for clients and while I had the basics sorted, there were so many great things I learnt from the class.

— Jayne Cherrington-Cook, Sales Page Masterclass

I love your masterclasses because they’re so friendly - honestly this is such an important thing for me.

The Sales Page Masterclass was great for me because I’m from an education background not a marketing one, and it gave me a sense of why I need to include each of the different elements.

— Lou Tondeur, Sales Page Masterclass

The Webinar Masterclass was very clear, helping me to see how much information to give, how to advertise it and the simple tech tips to get people in and how they can book. It made the process much less intimidating and one less thing to get my head round while moving online.

— Kathryn Meadows, Webinar Masterclass

I loved the clear explanations and examples. All the information was simple to understand and in easy to digest chunks.

—Lucy Mason, Webinar Masterclass

A really useful step-by-step process, whether you are a total beginner or have run webinars before and are looking to improve. Gave me a good structure to follow and helped me understand the tech.

— Aileen Edgar, Webinar Masterclass

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