Why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Toxic Positivity episode with Sally Baker

Looking on the bright side of things is usually seen as an emotionally healthy response. But can we ever be TOO optimistic and positive?

According to psychologists, yes. While seeking out the silver lining is an admirable attribute, there are times when being positive isn’t emotionally healthy. In fact, it can become dangerously toxic.

Just like anything, taken to an extreme, positivity can be toxic. And it can lead to the denial, minimisation, and invalidation of our authentic human emotional experience.

It can also be used, with devastating effect, to invalidate the experiences of others, and prevent people from getting the support they need.

According to licensed and accredited therapist Sally Baker, we’re seeing record levels of toxic positivity today, and much of the blame can be laid at the feet of social media.

To find out what toxic positivity really is, why it’s so damaging and how we can protect ourselves, we invited Sally to join us for an episode of our podcast Get Rich Slow.

Here’s what you’ll learn in it:

  • The difference between a healthy, positive outlook and toxic positivity
  • What happens when we suppress negative emotions – where they go and what replaces them
  • What’s a healthy response when things go wrong 
  • Why we are seeing an epidemic of toxic positivity right now
  • How social media impacts toxic positivity and why it’s so dangerous to be an influencer
  • Why we need to be careful not to invalidate someone else’s feelings
  • Why we need to say ‘no’ more, and how we can do it
  • How to tell the difference between someone who is inspirational and someone using toxic positivity

Listen to Toxic Positivity with Sally Baker now

You can listen to the Toxic Positivity episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Sally Baker here now!