Why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Building Community episode with Kate Dyson

Online communities are powerful entities. They help to affect change and can be loyal advocates and customers for business. But how do you build and maintain a large, loyal community?

In 2015, when new mum Kate Dyson was struggling with birth trauma, post-natal depression and sleep deprivation, she turned to a well-known parenting forum for help. But instead of the advice and empathy she was expecting, she was shocked to receive abuse and judgement.

So, in the middle of yet another sleepless night, she set up a Facebook Group and invited eight friends who she knew would be supportive, honest and non-judgemental.

Today that Facebook Group has grown into The Motherload, the UK’s largest non-judgemental, witty and smug free parenting community with over 110,000 members. It’s also expanded into a blogzine and podcast.

We wanted to find out how Kate was able to grow such a large, successful community, what it was like to run it, and how she’s managed to monetise the group, without losing the loyalty of its members.

And more importantly, we were keen to learn what advice Kate had for other community builders. What mistakes should they avoid, and what was really the key to growing a large following?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Get Rich Slow podcast episode:

  • How Kate organically grew a Facebook group from eight friends to over 100,000 members
  • Why raw, candid truth needs to be protected in a community
  • The moment Kate realised her community had something special about it
  • Why you need to learn to let go of a community you create in order for it to thrive
  • When Kate released she needed help to run her community, and how she found it
  • Why a variety of voices gives a community life
  • Why we don’t talk about ego enough
  • And why personal development and checking your ego as a founder is key for growth
  • How women use emotion to strengthen and grow their businesses
  • How success isn’t straightforward (and why anyone who says they are on a linear path is lying)
  • Why it’s important to regroup, assess and revise your plans
  • How Kate commercialised her community, and why its slow, organic growth paid off
  • What makes her community so attractive to advertisers
  • And how she balances monetisation with the aims and needs of her group
  • How a clear sense of mission of purpose is the secret to her group’s longevity
  • Why some groups lose their purpose
  • And the mistakes that mean some communities never take off
  • How it’s your community’s why and not yours that is important (and how to work out what it is)
  • How to build loyalty in a community
  • Kate’s number one, essential top tip when creating a community

Listen to Building Community with Kate Dyson now

You can listen to the Building Community episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Kate Dyson here now!