Everything you need to know before signing a contract (and why you need one!)

Do you have legal agreements with the people you work with? Find out why contracts are essential, and everything you need to know before signing one.

Legal contracts may sound scary, but they can actually offer you a lot of protection. But (and that is a big BUT) you should always be careful before signing any legally binding document.

In this podcast episode we dig into the small print of contracts with Natasha Minchella from The Orchard Legal Hub. If this sounds like a not-particularly-fun episode, then you’ll be in for a nice surprise.

Natasha is the least ‘lawyery’ lawyer, and has a talent for explaining her subject in easy to understand terms. She also shares plenty of stories that will ensure you take heed of her advice going forward!

Here’s what we cover in this episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast:

  • Why it is essential to get a legally binding contract if you are a coach, consultant or service-based professional.
  • How a legal contract can help with pricing and confidence, and even make it easier for you to launch.
  • The three things you need to include in your freelance contracts.
  • What to look for when signing contracts.
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making with contracts?
  • What should you look out for when you are signing contracts?
  • What should people consider when offering guarantees?
  • How you can be legally compliant when adding people to your mailing list (and the key difference between newsletter sign-ups and freebies).
  • A simple way to ensure you are protected with GDPR.
  • The two things you need to be aware of when hiring people to help you, such as VAs and designers.

Listen to Legal Contracts with Natasha Minchella now

You can listen to the Legal Contracts episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Natasha Minchella here now.