Talented Ladies Club is a female-led organisation on a mission to unlock the professional and personal potential of mothers through practical, inspirational articles, high quality online training and social community.

Our story

The idea for Talented Ladies Club was born when freelance copywriter Hannah Martin realised that so many of her friends were struggling to resume their careers after having children.

These were successful, talented and ambitious women who should have had no problem earning good money in jobs they loved… if only the world understood the value of mothers.

Hannah reasoned that if she knew so many talented but frustrated women in her own social circle there must be thousands – if not millions – of women feeling the same all over the world. And at that time there was no inspiring and empowering online content talking to them.

So Hannah decided to create her own.

She enlisted the help of her good friend, designer and illustrator Kary Fisher, and together the two of them brought Talented Ladies Club to life in 2013.

Hannah and Kary wanted to create an inspiring resource that would show women that becoming a mother wasn’t the end of their career – it could be the start of an exciting new adventure.

Today, Talented Ladies Club has grown to over 90,000 monthly readers around the world, and includes an academy of high quality training courses and kits to help women grow their businesses and careers.

We’ve also been featured extensively on TV, radio and in national newspapers and magazines.

Who are the team behind Talented Ladies Club?

Talented Ladies Club Founder Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter, and qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. She’s also a popular business coach and trainer, and writes and runs all our online training courses and coaching programmes.

Hannah has led workshops for Country Living Magazine and Mumsnet (where her session was voted ‘most popular’ at a one-day event). She’s also a mentor for NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, and a member of two All Party Parliamentary Groups (Women and Work, and Women in Business).

Hannah is a passionate campaigner for women’s issues, and frequently appears in the media talking about topics like maternity discrimination, imposter syndrome, and business psychology.

Our Head of Marketing Jo Oliver has over 15 years’ experience working creatively on luxury brands, including Net-a-Porter where she was photography and video manager.

Jo is passionate about creating and curating beautiful photography and creative strategies and content for marketing and social.

Kary Fisher is Talented Ladies Club’s Creative Director. Kary’s work as an in-demand designer, illustrator and print artist spans Paris, London, Brighton, and now rural Southern France where she works for Talented Ladies Club from her remote mountain home.

We also work with a team of talented freelancers, including our developer Alan Green from Dare to Think, PR expert Natalie Trice, technical expert Carolyn Strand from CJ Strand, photographer Marcel Grabowski and fashion stylist Karen Skagerlind.

How we ensure Talented Ladies Club is a safe space for you

As our influence has grown, it’s become increasingly important to us that we use it for good. And that means standing up for the things we believe in.

Things like fairness, equality, helping people who have fewer opportunities, and stopping predatory people and businesses who seek to make money from women (and men) at any cost. That’s why we call out the six-figure business cons, and do our best to expose the MLM business model for what it is.

We want this to be a safe space where you can learn and connect to opportunities in full confidence that they have your best interests at heart.

1% of our turnover goes to charity

We also support charities and causes that share our mission to unlock the potential of mothers, and generally make the world a better place for us all to live in. These causes include:

  • The charity The Microloan Foundation, who provide the poorest women in sub-Saharan Africa with the tools and skills to enable them to work their own way out of poverty.
  • Work for Good, an organisation who make it easier for businesses to donate money to charities.
  • Pregnant then Screwed, an organisation that protects, supports and promotes the rights of mothers who suffer the effects of maternity and pregnancy discrimination.

We give 1% of our turnover every month to The Microloan Foundation via Work For Good.

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