How can you set (and enforce) healthy boundaries?

Do you struggle with setting and enforcing healthy boundaries? If so, you aren’t alone. Even high achieving women can find saying ‘no’ tricky. 

Emma Langton is a leadership and wellbeing speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. In this episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast she explains how boundaries work, and how we can improve our confidence, mental health and relationships with others by getting better at setting and enforcing them. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast episode:

  • Why women in particular struggle with setting and enforcing boundaries
  • The consequence of having poor boundaries
  • How healthy boundaries can improve our relationships with others
  • How to communicate our boundaries and gain respect
  • Why language is important with boundaries, and words to avoid
  • How to tell when someone is pushing back on or ignoring our boundaries 
  • And how we can stop ourselves from ignoring our own boundaries

Listen to Healthy Boundaries with Emma Langton

If you interested in learning more about boundaries, and how you can improve your confidence, impact and relationships with others but setting and enforcing them, listen to the Healthy Boundaries episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Emma Langton here now!