Why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Ethical launches episode with Kate Taylor

It’s hard to escape boasts of people building six or even seven-figure businesses, and promising to teach you the sectors behind their success… for a fee.

But what’s the truth behind the lottery-sized launches many of these gurus have? How much do they really earn from them (not turnover but actual profit)? And what do you need to do to make that kind of money?

To find out, we interviewed Kate Taylor from Big, Bold, Beautiful Life for an episode on Ethical Launches for our podcast Get Rich Slow. Listen to this episode to find out the truth behind building a six-figure business, including:

  • Why Kate decided to work with a mentor to expand her business
  • The important initial change the mentor helped her make
  • Why some of the tactics and strategies she was taught didn’t sit comfortably with her
  • How the current trend for launches can dis-regulate people and cause fear
  • Why tapping into people’s emotional pain points isn’t ethical
  • What hitting six figures in her business in a year REALLY cost 
  • The red flag word to watch out for when people talk about making money
  • What you need to get right for an ethical, successful launch
  • Warning signs to look out for when investing in online programmes

Listen to Ethical Launches with Kate Taylor now

You can listen to the Ethical Launches episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Kate Taylor here now!