Why personal agency is so important, and how to build your self-belief

How important is your mindset when it comes to living an empowered and personal satisfying life? 

In this podcast episode we speak with Ngozi Cadmus about the importance of personal agency, why setbacks can be important, and how we can build our self-belief.

Ngozi is an entrepreneur, social worker, psychotherapist, and a woman of faith. She is the CEO & Founder of Frontline Therapist, the number one multicultural online counselling service in the UK, and her mental health journey inspired her. 

Ngozi overcame depression and suicidality to become the leading mental health and leadership expert, having helped thousands of women break generational trauma and assisting dozens of women in building businesses. She is currently doing a doctorate and quickly establishing herself as an expert in black woman leadership.

Here’s what we cover in this episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast:

  • What generational trauma is, and how it affects people.
  • How we can reframe or respond differently to generational trauma.
  • The difference between a pioneer and a leader, and the different roles they play. 
  • What personal agency is, and what prevents some people from having it.
  • Why setbacks can actually be important or helpful. 
  • Why self-belief is important, and how you can build it.
  • What to do if you are struggling right now.

Listen to Personal Agency with Ngozi Cadmus now

You can listen to the Personal Agency episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Ngozi Cadmus here now!