Have you fallen for unethical marketing? Find out in our newest Get Rich Slow podcast episode

Social media has revolutionised the way we are marketed to today – and not always for the better. 

In this episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast, we speak to Katie Moritz, founder of Joy Factory, about ethical marketing. We explore what it means, and some of the ways social media has evolved to keep us always buying. And how we are manipulated into trusting through an illusion of intimacy. 

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why ethical marketing is just like selling from a market stall
  • How too often marketing taps into fear
  • Why we need to think of our customer first, and our own aim second
  • How social media coveys an illusion of intimacy that can be exploited
  • And how that intimacy can mean we let our guard down when we shouldn’t
  • Why brands are able to short-cut the marketing process through influencers
  • Why infinite scroll is so dangerous
  • How to prevent yourself being sucked in by unethical marketing on social media
  • A low-fi tip to help you escape the clutches of social media!

Listen to Ethical Marketing with Katie Moritz now

You can listen to the Ethical Marketing episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Katie Moritz here now!