What is ‘hustle culture’, and why is it so problematic?

We’re used to seeing a version of success that is grounded in hustle and materialism, especially on social media. But how accurate – or even healthy – is it?

In this podcast episode we speak to Advita Patel about the hustle culture, and how it has skewed our expectations of ourselves and created a one-dimensional view of success that unknowingly discriminates against groups of people and leaves us ultimately unsatisfied. 

After working in internal communications roles for most of her 20-year career, Advita set up CommsRebel in her hometown of Manchester. Fuelled by her personal experiences of not fitting in or belonging in the workplace, she has created a communications consultancy that focuses on making a difference to people and how they feel at work.


A qualified coach, Advita also works with senior leaders and internal communications teams to develop their confidence to lead change and have those difficult conversations.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why we attach success to monetary values, rather than to value or purpose.
  • Why, once one person sets that goal or standard, it becomes the marker we all judge ourselves by.
  • The reason why we use money as a marker of success.
  • How money and material success gives us confidence and credibility, and why this is a value today. 
  • What ‘hustle culture’ is, and why it is so problematic.
  • Why we have got stuck in a one-dimensional view of success that unknowingly discriminates against groups of people.
  • What ‘conflict entrepreneurs’ are, and why they are so wrong.

Listen to Hustle Culture with Advita Patel now

You can listen to the Hustle Culture episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Advita Patel here now!