Why do we fall for scams and MLMs? We ask the host of The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast

What makes the perfect scam? Why do so many people fall for them? And how can we best protect ourselves for falling for financial cons?

Find out what journalist and author Jamie Bartlett learned when recording hit podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen in this episode of Get Rich Slow

Listen now to discover:

  • What 1,000 EDL supporters taught Jamie about social media
  • How MLM members and scammers are taught to ‘show not tell’
  • Why we’re more savvy about social today – and how that has impacted MLMs
  • And why you shouldn’t always trust someone who drives an expensive car!
  • Why people find it so hard to speak up if they have been scammed
  • But why speaking out can actually help you, and others
  • Why MLM and crypto are the perfect pairing – and so dangerous
  • What to do if someone approaches you about joining an MLM or other financial opportunity 
  • And why you should never trust anyone who forces you to make a financial decision fast
  • What has happened to some of The Missing Cryptoqueen victims

Why I wanted to interview Jamie Bartlett

If you haven’t yet listened to Jamie’s hit podcast, The Missing Cryptoqueen, I highly recommend it. The podcast is a story of Jamie’s investigation into OneCoin, a ponzi scheme described as “one of the biggest scams in history”.

OneCoin successfully attempted to masquerade as a cryptocurrency, but it wasn’t. It was an MLM. And having personally investigated MLMs for several years, I was really keen to speak to Jamie about his podcast and, more broadly, online scams.

I wanted to get his take on why online scams work, how they reel in victims, and how we can best protect ourselves. I also wanted to find out what happened to some of the OneCoin victims he interviews in The Missing Cryptoqueen.

And if you have have already listened to The Missing Cryptoqueen, you might be very surprised at what some OneCoin victims have been up to since!

Listen to Online Scams with Jamie Bartlett now

You can listen to the Online Scams episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Jamie Bartlett here now!