Why we’ve launched our new podcast Get Rich Slow

We’re excited to announce our brand new podcast Get Rich Slow. Find out why we wanted to record a podcast, and what you can expect from it.

For a few years now we’ve toyed with the idea of creating a podcast. But without any clear idea of what that podcast would be about, other than to record another business podcast for the sake of it, which we didn’t want to do, we never moved any further with the thought.

However, over those years we’ve noticed the business landscape change gradually, and for the worse. There have always been toxic and unhelpful messages and influences, but this seems to have exploded in recent years, as boasts of five figure launches morphed into six figures, and even now seven figures.

As the numbers grew, so did our incredulity. We began to hear more and more stories of what really happens behind the scenes in some of these launches, and about the people making some of these claims (and their victims).

While there is nothing wrong with success – and it absolutely deserves to be celebrated – the prevailing messaging about business seems to be that unless you are earning eye-watering amounts of money, there is something wrong with you.

We want to bring the conversation back to what business and success is really about. To how you can honestly grow an ethical, successful business. And to protect people from some of the very persuasive toxic messaging that is unavoidable on social media today.

So we decided to create the Get Rich Slow podcast. Here’s what it means.

The Get Rich Slow podcast manifesto

We live in a world that celebrates speed. Fast food. Instant weight loss. Overnight success. But in this race to immediate gratification, are we losing something?

Are we missing what really matters: the journey?

Since launching Talented Ladies Club nine years ago I have noticed how the messages we are consuming every day in the media, and on social media, have changed. 

We’re increasingly encouraged to celebrate and aspire to a superficial, empty version of success. Success that comes fast. That comes easily. And that is always shiningly positive. 

I want to slow this messaging down. I want to explore what a meaningful life really means, and how you can achieve genuine riches – whether they come in the form of financial freedom, time, relationships, pursuing your passions or whatever it is you value. 

Because while we all need money, money alone cannot feed you. It can’t nurture and sustain you. And it can’t make you happy. 

On this journey I’ll speak to experts to discover how we can define and pursue our own personal version of success. 

I’ll explore the misconceptions and mindsets that hold us back, and get practical tips to enable us to tune out misleading narratives and make positive strides forward on our own path. 

And I’ll bring back the joy of the journey – the value in the lessons we learn, and the importance of slow, satisfying and truly authentic growth. Growth that can never take place overnight. 

Get Rich Slow isn’t just a podcast. It’s a manifesto for a better way of living. It’s an exploration of what genuine success really means, and how you can achieve it. 

Each podcast episode tackles an individual issue and includes an interview with a guest – either an expert on the topic or someone with valuable lived experience. At the end of the episode we share practical tips to help listeners get closer to the success they are working towards – whether that success is financial, emotional or other. 

Listen to our first episode Business Ethics with Susie Ma here