Why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Finding Customers episode with Kara Stanford

Find out why you need to listen to the Get Rich Slow Finding Customers episode with marketing expert Kara Staford.

In the US, 6.5 million businesses are launched every year. But 21.5% of these won’t survive the first 12 months. By year five, 50% have folded. And 70% will no longer be trading within 10 years.

And why do they fail? One of the most common reasons is poor marketing. Or in some cases, no marketing!

Marketing is the lifeblood for any business. Marketing helps you find and convert customers. Customers pay you money in return for goods or services. And money helps keep your business running.

But it’s not easy to get marketing right. And it’s all too easy to get seduced by the get rich quick mentality that promises fast and easy returns with shortcuts and tactics with dubious ethics.

So what does good, successful marketing look like? The kind of marketing that may not make you a millionaire overnight, but will enable you to grow an ethical, financially healthy business with loyal customers over many years?

To find out, we interviewed marketing expert Kara Stanford. Kara is an award-winning marketing consultant and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CMI) tutor. She helps SMEs review, plan and structure their marketing function so it delivers business goals.

She’s also the founder of The Marketing Spaces, a membership club that offers dedicated online spaces where entrepreneurs can take time to think about marketing, connect with likeminded professionals to ask for feedback and then figure out the best way to apply it to their situation.

In our interview with Kara we wanted to understand how small businesses can find and market to the right customers for their business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Get Rich Slow podcast episode:

  • Why you should never start building an audience using demographics
  • And what you SHOULD start with instead
  • Why asking the right question opens up a different way of finding your customers
  • How you can then use that information to work out your true audience demographics
  • Why you need to segment your customer audience, and how to do it
  • Why you need to find photos of your ideal customers
  • And why you need to know your customers’ attitude to risk
  • How many avatars you need for a small business
  • What the Rogers’ diffusion of innovation curve means and why it matters in marketing
  • How to find your innovators (and why you need to)
  • How to research your customers, and why you need to kiss a few frogs along the way
  • Why your customers’ pain point matters
  • Why your buying timeline is so important, and how to work out what it is
  • The key stages of marketing you need to know
  • Why you don’t want your customers to feel embarrassed
  • How Kara’s ‘things you can throw’ marketing test defines your timeline
  • Why you ALWAYS need to be actively marketing – and how much time you need to devote to it
  • How much time and money you should spend on marketing in the startup stage
  • And how much you need to spend once you are established
  • Why it’s okay to make mistakes in marketing, and how they can actually help
  • And why proper, successful, long-term marketing is like building a house

Listen to Finding Customers with Kara Stanford now 

You can listen to the Finding Customers episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Kara Stanford here now!