Love to have more influence over your life? Find out what power REALLY means and how to acquire it

How powerful are you? Too many of us don’t really understand what power really means, and how to use it responsibly.

To discover how we can all have more positive influence, we interviewed Bill Keep, Professor of Marketing at The College of New Jersey for an episode of our podcast Get Rich Slow.

In particular, we address the issue of why women can struggle with the concept of power, and how we can find our own way to get comfortable with, and attain more of it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it REALLY means to have power
  • Why we’re happy to talk about having an absence of power, but not HAVING power
  • Why women can struggle with embracing the pursuit of power
  • And why nurturing and power can (and should) co-exist
  • How we can control negative things that happen to us by taking back our power
  • Why holding onto the idea of ‘fairness’ can hold us back
  • Two ways you can increase the amount of power you have in your life

Listen to Personal Power with Bill Keeps now

You can listen to the Personal Power episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Bill Keep here now!