How Jane James grew her business, Little Voices over 15 years

Many businesses don’t make it to two years. And most fail by the time they are five years old. But in September 2022, Jane James celebrated 15 years of her business, Little Voices. 

Jane, a a classically-trained opera singer, started the business when her daughter was just three months old. And has grown out through the breakdown of an abusive relationship, major surgery, Covid and a mental and physical breakdown that led to a six-week hospital stay. 

Today the award-winning businesses is bigger and stronger than ever, with franchises across Britain. We interviewed Jane for our Get Rich Slow Podcast to discover her secrets of business longevity. 

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • The biggest challenges Jane has faced over 15 years.
  • How long it was until her business was profitable, and how she achieved that.
  • How important it is to be on your numbers – and be ot afraid of them.
  • Why she decided to franchise the business.
  • How she chooses the right franchisee, and whether there is a ‘right’ personality type for an entrepreneur.
  • How she keeps herself balanced as an entrepreneur and drives her business forward?
  • What boundaries she sets, and why they are important
  • How to stop work being all consuming and becoming your whole life.
  • Her top three tips for business longevity.

Listen to Business Longevity with Jane James now

You can listen to the Business Longevity episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Jane James here now!