What’s it REALLY like as an MLM rep? We interview Lisa Ollerton to find out

What’s it REALLY like as an MLM rep? And how is it possible that even someone who was ‘successful’ can lose money? Former MLM rep Lisa Ollerton dishes the dirt!

Over the past few years I have spoken to many people who have been involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Some were successful, most not.

Recently I appeared on BBC 1’s Morning Live show talking about the MLM industry. Also on the show was Lisa Ollerton, a mother of three and managing director of a successful business. Lisa briefly shared some of her experience on Morning Live, but wanted to talk more about her time at the MLM Visalus, Body By Vi.

So I arranged to chat with Lisa afterwards. It’s important to note (as I do at the start of the video) that Lisa is an intelligent and successful entrepreneur, and she was not unsuccessful at Visalus. But as you’ll discover in our conversation, even though she ‘made’ money each month, on balance the reality was that she lost more more money than she earned.

Why is it important to state Lisa’s business credentials? Because one accusation often levied at people who leave MLMs is that they ‘failed’. They’re labeled as ‘not wanting it enough’, ‘not trying hard enough’ or just not ‘having what it takes’.

Lisa is an example of a woman who clearly has ambition and business acumen. If she cannot ethically make MLM work, then I wonder who can. No surprise then that an average of 99.6% of people who join an MLM will lose money after business expenses are deducted.

‘I left my daughter’s birthday lunch to speak to my MLM team’

In our interview Lisa reveals:

  • What the REAL purpose of parties was
  • What the ‘chicken list’ is
  • How you’re told to create your ‘why’ when you’re join
  • Why you’re encouraged to miss important family events
  • How uplines build panic and a fear of loss into you
  • The effect the MLM had on her marriage
  • How she bought business kits using false names to ‘buy’ ranks
  • Why hitting the car rank helped open her eyes to the reality
  • How MLMs turn you into a hater
  • How, while it looked like she earned money, in fact she made a loss
  • And what advice she has for people in an MLM right now

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