What are the most popular travel destinations for 2021?

Lockdown has prevented millions of people from going abroad and enjoying a holiday with friends and family. But as restrictions ease, we’ve started planning holidays again.

So where are we planning to go? Exclusive research by Corona test centre  reveals the destinations around the world that the UK most wants to visit post pandemic. 

The research ranks the top 10 countries, and analyses location, quantity of searches, number of tourists, Instagram hashtags, average hours of sunlight, number of entertainment spots and happiness rating to determine the upcoming travel hotspots. Data also ranks the best value country to visit along with the most searched for. 

The 10 most searched travel destinations in 2021

So where are we hoping to visit? The most searched destinations to travel are:

  1. Maldives 571,100
  2. Spain 389,600
  3. Greece 380,700
  4. Turkey 332,300
  5. Tenerife 280,100
  6. France 201,900
  7. Cyprus 198,900
  8. Barbados 195,300
  9. Thailand 193,700
  10. Italy 185,300

Data is captured over the past six months however, in the last month alone, searches for holidays in the Maldives reached 60,500, which is over six times more than searches for holidays in Italy, Iceland, France, Portugal and South Africa.

The second most popular destination Brits are seeking to visit is Spain, with 389,600 searches to go on holiday there in the last six months. This is followed by Greece, with 380,700 searches in the last six months, and Turkey with 332,300.

The best value destinations to visit post lockdown

Examining search volume, average hotel cost, number of entertainment spots, hours of annual sunshine and cost of beer, the study reveals the best value destinations to visit post lockdown are:

Spain ranks as the best value country to visit, as well as the most popular. Islands like Ibiza and Mallorca are the hottest contenders on the Mediterranean wish list for 2021.

It is safe to assume that having great prices for their services such as beer costing £2.15 per pint and hotels being only £52.36 per night is a contributing factor to it being the most anticipated destination to visit amongst Brits.

Read more travel advice

So where are you planning to visit? Wherever you visit, here is some travel advice to help you keep safe and have an enjoyable holiday:

Photo by Mohamed Thasneem