How to plan for a business trip: What you need to know about compensation for cancelled flights

Planning for a business trip is different from arranging a vacation. If you’re travelling for work, here’s what you ned to know.

Travelling to attend an international conference can be stressful and chaotic. Some of the biggest inconveniences you can experience include flight cancellations and delayed flights. These can occur while you are at the airport or travelling en-route to the airport, and sometimes before you leave home. So it is essential to make sure you’re prepared.

The EU regulation Nr. 261/2004 states that all passengers travelling from the European region have the right to an alternative flight or compensation in case of a terminated flight. Flight delay claim companies helps passengers in Europe check whether you are liable for a refund in case of a cancelled flight or delayed flight.

The main goal of Flightright Company is to make passengers aware of how much compensation you are entitled to in case of any inconvenience caused by cancelled or delayed flights. It has been in operation for over 20 years, making it one of the longest serving companies of its type in Europe. It also works under the regulations of the European Union to ensure the enforcement of passenger rights by using an online system rather than a conventional approach that requires a lawyer. 

How to prepare for a business trip

Preparing for a commercial trip is not an easy task, even for frequent travellers. Each trip is unique and has its own demands. However, there are main things to consider each time you plan for a business trip. Here are some of the key things you need to think about.

Make sure all your travel documents are in order

Travel documents are essential for overseas and some domestic travel. These include visas and a passport, and sometimes even insurance cover that flight companies verify before allowing you to the plane. Expired documents or lack of these documents may lead to delays and inconveniences, which may affect your planned trip. 

Book your accommodation before travelling

Different countries have different travel restrictions, and some countries may ask for accommodation details before approving your visa request. Not planning for your stay can lead to delays at the airport, affecting your overall travel experience. 

Ensure that you pack toiletries

Many hotels and accommodation provide basic toiletries for their guests. However, it is important to pack these essential items for your trip. Some trips may require extended stays at the airport, especially with connecting flights, delayed flights, or cancelled flights. Some of the airport’s washrooms do not offer these necessities, so carrying your items makes it convenient for you. It also ensures you have them and brands you like, rather than relying on what a hotel offers.

Carry your phone charger with you

Flight cancellations can be announced when you are already at the airport. These may lead to delays waiting for alternative flights and you could find yourself hanging around for many hours. It is vital to carry your phone charger to help keep you on throughout the journey.

What do you need to know if your flight is terminated?

It is essential for all passengers travelling from the European Union to know their rights in the case of cancelled flights. All passengers are entitled to compensation whether the airline or passengers is responsible for the termination process. Here are some of the facts you should know as a traveller:

  • It is the responsibility of the airline to offer a ticket refund or subsequent flight in case the termination took place 14 days before the said departure date.
  • The amount of reimbursement given depends on the distance of travel.
  • The airline should offer all affected passengers free food and drinks as they wait for their next flight. 

What is the compensation process in case of a cancelled flight?

Being offered a subsequent flight or a ticket refund are two different options, and depend on the initiator of the flight cancellation process. For flight cancellations initiated by the airline, you should receive a new flight or a complete air ticket refund.

When the passenger initiates the termination while at the airport, the airline should offer free drinks, snacks, two free communication either by call or email and accommodation to the affected passengers. The law stipulates that airlines inform passengers about any flight termination two weeks before the departure date.

The airline may fail to inform passengers about terminated flights 14 days before the arranged take-off in some situations. For such cases, Flightright reviews the reason for termination before asking for a refund on behalf of the client. The airline takes full responsibility for all charges.

Some of the leading causes that may lead to full air ticket refund include bad weather and mechanical problems that require maintenance. However, these laws are only applicable to passengers in the European Union countries. It also covers only flights under the European Union.

Here is a review of scenarios that may lead to passenger compensation in case of changes in flight:

What compensation is provided for a cancelled flight?

Flight terminations cause delays which lead to long waiting periods at the airport. As a passenger, the airline must offer you complementary services on top of what you receive as repayment. This law applies to everyone, regardless of whether the airline or passenger initiated the termination process. The airline management should offer all its passengers snacks and drinks as they wait for the replacement flight.

On top of the free meals, passengers are entitled to free voice calls and emails. The flight company should offer these services without checking on the reasons for flight termination.

For flights rescheduled for more than one day, companies should offer hotel accommodation to the passengers. The airline provides extra payment in case:

  • The company is responsible for the termination process.
  • The passenger had already checked in for the flight.
  • The plane was to land or take off from the airport. It applies to airlines whose headquarters are within the European region. 

What is the 261/2004 regulation in Europe? 

The EU law 261 was passed in 2004. The code protects passengers against flight disruptions. The rule stipulated in the code affirms that delays, cancellations, and flight rebooking cause a lot of inconvenience to travellers. Due to these reasons, the regulation states that airlines should compensate all the affected passengers.

The rule aims to protect passengers from any disruption caused by extended waiting times and flight terminations that the airline was responsible for preventing. It provides travellers with complete protection in case of any inconvenience. These rules not only apply to commercial travellers but also if you are travelling for a holiday.

The EU 261/2004 addresses the following issues:

  • It protects travellers who suffer due to delayed flights, flight termination or denied boarding.
  • It offers assistance and access to essential services in case of disruptions of arranged flights.
  • It ensures that airlines inform their passengers about any flight disruptions and rights.
  • It gives the passenger the right to request a seat in an alternative flight from the scheduled flight. 

Am i entitled to compensation if my flight is cancelled?

The EU law stipulates that every passenger has the right to compensation in case of any flight disruption, but this applies to only flights landing or taking off from the European Union. The claims are valid for six years and include any reason for travel. Compensation comes due to the following disruptions:

  • Terminations – The communication was made 14 days before the scheduled departure date.
  • Delays – The flight arrived at the destination more than three hours late.
  • Missed connection flight – If the delay is due to a missed connecting flight.
  • Overbooking – The airline overbooked, making it impossible for you to get a seat.

When claiming compensation, it is essential first to ensure that you have a valid reason for payment. Flightright offers you an easy way to claim compensation. Here is what to do when the flight is cancelled:

  • Enter the flight details – The free checking tools allow you to immediately know whether you have the right to claim a refund or any compensation. The claim is valid for up to three years.
  • Enforcement of rights – Flightright has experienced travel experts who will ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. In case of any complication, the company initiates other legal procedures to ensure that you are compensated.
  • Receive your compensation – Once the process is successful, the money is sent to your account immediately. If the air ticket refund occurs within seven days, you will not incur any charges for the service. If it takes more than seven days, you will only pay if the process is successful. For compensation, the service fee is 20-30% which includes the value-added tax.