Where solo travellers should visit based on their star signs

Whether you’re an Aries looking to cut-cut-lose on the town, or a Gemini seeking to reinvent yourself on a weekend away, we have the places you’re most suited to based on your star sign

England permits staycations within self-contained accommodation from the 12th of April. As the possibility of holidaying abroad in 2021 is still uncertain, much of the UK is looking closer to home to attain their annual respite, paving the way to the rise of the staycation. 

Google trend data reveals that the search term ‘travelling on your own’ has received a 9700% rise in searches within the last month alone. The Pandemic has led to much of the UK gaining a new perspective and being open to idea of holidaying within their own country, and the data suggests that we’re also keen on doing it alone. But how to we choose the perfectly location for our staycation retreat? 

Well, our star signs help give us an indication of what best suits our needs, from big city nights out, to hidden seclusions on a forgotten beach. In this article, Dyer Mazda reveal where solo travellers should visit based on their star signs.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Brecon Beacons

Adventurous and energetic to a fault, an Aries isn’t the type of person to sit at home and worry about what friends will think of them traveling alone for a holiday. 

Always ready for a new venture, whether in work or relaxing, they thrive on being a pioneer – the first to dive off a cliff top into the lake below or speak up not liking the direction a holiday with friends is taking. Because of this their personality is ideally suited to a break away alone, as an Aries loves nothing more than plotting their own course.

Brecon Beacons in the South of Wales is the perfect getaway for someone who follows their own heart and coupled with the host of activities and adventuring to be had will suit an Aries just fine. Surrounded by The Black Mountains, a host of waterfalls, and numerous hiking trails to keep an Aries’ adventuring soul entertained for weeks, Brecon Beacons is the dream staycation location for anyone looking to escape their life and add a bit of exploration.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Cornwall

When a Taurus is called placid it can easily be mistaken as a sarcastic comment, but their calm nature under pressure is one of their most redeeming qualities when working alongside them and a dream quality to have when holidaying alone. A Taurus is secure in their own beliefs, and trust their judgements, as well as their heart and if alone in a new place will know exactly what to do to make themselves happy.

Cornwall as a staycation destination for a Taurus works for several reasons. It a slower pace of holiday, full of water and beaches, beautiful views, and quiet moments. It also has a wild side that a Taurus will take interest in, though maybe not take part in. Charlestown harbour provides picturesque views and Instagram opportunities, while their cliffs offer some of the most stunning views found across the UK.

Gemini (May21 – June 20) – Glasgow

Oh Geminis – the chameleons of the star signs. While some would say their personalities are insincere, they would say their personalities are versatile. Whatever the case, they certainly are adaptable to almost any environment or holiday. Forever youthful and lively, they are people people, and love to enter new surroundings and rub shoulders with a new group. For this reason, when holidaying alone they tend to travel towards major cities, or at least ones with interesting and animated character.

Over the years, Glasgow has slowly become the hub of the UK art scene, and with it the city is changing too. Full of bars, restaurants and galleries, Glasgow is a hotpot of life and culture. 

A Gemini will instantly feel at home here, and possibly won’t want to leave, as its constantly changing nature mixed with the history of the place is ideal for a Gemini’s everchanging mindset.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Bath

When a Cancer goes away alone, the one thing they’re looking for is culture, ahead of anything else. That’s not to say they don’t like to go out on the town, but when it comes to them at their happiest, they will always choose the intelligent option. Emotional and caring, a Cancer wants to be surrounded with the things they love. They’re also incredibly imaginative, so surrounding themselves with beauty would literally mean picking up and great book and getting lost in it for a couple of hours.

Bath is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Full of history, culture and constant reminders of a great past (The Jane Austen Centre is hidden just off one of their main roads, and it also still has a fully preserved Roman Baths) Bath is a must for anyone looking to experience a city on their own. Cancer’s will find the location extra welcoming too, as it’s bordered by lush green fields containing lots of walking paths to experience, if they ever put their book down.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Bristol

A Leo fears very little when it comes to going a staycation break alone. Some would think that would mean adventure holidays full of rock climbing and axe throwing, but a Leo is broad-minded, and open to doing things their way. They are slightly (read: massively) materialistic and enjoy the luxuries that a big city brings with them. Generous and warm-hearted, they enjoy being around people, and are normally the first to say ‘my round’ at the pub.

The obvious choice for a Leo is to travel to London for a week of shops, bars and big lights. But if you’re from London and want to do things a bit differently there is always Bristol. Yes, it has the beautiful River Avon, and historic buildings on every corner, but it’s also one of the liveliest cities in the UK, full of music and colour and constant motion. The floating harbour is a great hangout in the sun for a Leo, as it’s full of people to interact with and, of course, impress.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Galloway

A Virgo isn’t looking to set the world on fire when it comes to staycations. Not that they’re a boring sort that blends into the background, but when it comes to being on their own, they like to take it easy and not be the centre of attention. Shy and modest, they’re happy to watch the world float by and relax. Partying and all-day walks? that’s for other people. A Virgo wants to chill, eating some good food, drink some nice wine and maybe so for a little walk after dinner. Maybe. 

Galloway in Scotland is perfect for a Virgo, though any small town would suit their needs. 

Situated in the western Southern Uplands, it comprises of beautiful views, long, open views of hillsides, and the cleanest air in all of the UK. As with all places in the lowlands, there’s tons to do, but a Virgo will be happy to get a fire going and just relax with some time to themselves.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Cambridge

Urbane always, and they know it, a Libra is easy-going, but also focused on what they want from a break away. The most romantic of the Star Signs, they strive for a location that’s not just beautiful, but also has a history of romance to it, preferring a place with a story. Always charming when on their own, they don’t fear the idea of travelling alone, in fact the romance of being a nomad adventurer is utterly appealing to them.

Because of the romance behind it, Cambridge is ideal of a Libra. The charming nature of the streets and people reflects what a Libra craves from a staycation, and the history and romance of the streets will speak volumes to their passionate side.

With its winding turns and punting, sitting alongside the River Cam in the sun is a must for any Libra looking to indulge in the pure Englishness of Cambridge, and at night the small pubs and welcoming people provide perfect opportunities for chats.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Isle of Skye

A Scorpio holidaying on their own seeks adventure pure and simple. They may be all about the luxury and finer things in life, but that’s not going to stop them living out their adventure fantasies. Holidaying in the past with others has meant that they’ve had to make compromises, but on their own they can finally disappear and be the Indiana Jones they’ve always dreamed of. That’s not to say a Scorpio will be slumming it – they only love the best after all, so if they’re venturing across the wild, expect them to have the best tent possible.

The Isle of Skye is beautiful, somewhat wild, and a great staycation destination The Island of Skye is situated off the West Coast Scotland. It is the largest of the Inner Hebrides, and is notorious for its natural beauty, history and wildlife. A Scorpios forceful and determined nature, and passionate love for a quest will make seeking out places like The Fairy Ponds and The Storr a real adventure, worthy of telling all their friends once home.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Brighton

Optimistic and always ready for fun, a Sagittarius isn’t one to sit back and let a holiday pass them by. Them love their freedom, and the idea of going away alone is right up their alley. They are jovial and friendly, so may miss their friends to bounce ideas off of, but they also don’t dwell on negativity, so will always make the best of all situations

A Sagittarius will feel instantly at home in Brighton, and not just because it’s beautiful beaches to stretch out on. Brighton is known for its nightlife and activates, with some of the best outdoor pubs in the UK, as well as a very active nightlife. 

During the day Brighton’s famous ‘lanes’ are teeming with colourful clothes shops and coffee bars, so even if you’re not into making new friends, you’ll easily keep yourself busy throughout the day.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – Chester

A Capricorn isn’t looking for adventure, but that’s not to say they are looking for the quiet life either. When adventure finds them, they’ll jump at notion (after a bit of careful thinking) but will always look for an exit strategy in case things don’t turn out how they wanted. Because of this, a holiday alone will have to have options. It can’t just be 10-mile walks and a fireplace at night – it needs cinemas and bars just in case.

Founded as a Roman fortress in the northwest of England, Chester is a beautiful city covered in old arcades and half-timber buildings. For a tourist, it’s the definition of a classic English town, full of cobbled streets and little outdoor markets.

For a Capricorn, the idea of getting lost in its winding alleys and finding a hidden bookshop is a dream, and being able to then hop back to a hotel for a quiet and quick recharge is exactly what a Capricorn staycation is all about.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – Dublin

Massively independent, the notion of trekking off to a new, unknown place won’t put fear into an Aquarius. In fact, the wilder, the better! An Aquarius loves the noise and life of a city and isn’t put off one bit by the idea of being surrounded by people they don’t know – if anything, the more the merrier. Original and inventive, they choose places that have no connection to them, and jump in with both feet. Because of this an Aquarius would pretty much be happy anywhere when holidaying, though after a year of lockdown wants a party.

Dublin is the obvious choice for an Aquarius. It’s the life of Ireland, with its welcoming pubs and bars, the city offers 1000s of options for a visitor looking to experience something new. 

And it’s not just traditional pubs that’ll keep you busy, with wonderful architecture (both old and modern), rivers and trails on full display this summer.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – Canterbury

With an imaginative eye, and sensitive nature, a Pisces wants full on culture from their staycation alone. Not naturally one to do things on their own, they’ll look to keep themselves busy and have a daily plan full of activates and events.

Always the selfless one of a group, the idea of holidaying alone will be completely new to a Pisces, so they’ll be taking baby steps. Don’t expect them to book a holiday on a remote island off the coast, or a party town full of bars and pubs. Instead, a Pisces will go for something comfortable and welcoming.

Canterbury in Kent has the cultural history to suit the needs of a Pisces, with the beauty to also spark their busy imagination. A cathedral city, it offers cobbled streets and famous sites such as the historic cathedral and busy marketplace. Anyone looking to take it easy will feel at home here, partly because it feels like you’re stepping back into the past, and also because even if you haven’t been here before, the sites are so famous they’ll feel familiar. 

Photo by Piotr Guzik