The top six CV lies (and how to spot them) infographic

While we’re all for presenting yourself at your best, and tailoring your skills and experience on your CV to fit every job you apply for, we certainly don’t advocate telling out and out lies.

Not only is it dishonest (and unwise – if you’re not a perfect fit for a role but your lies land it for you, you may well find it a demoralising struggle), but if you’re found out you’ll be instantly dismissed from the recruitment process. And it could lose you a role that was otherwise yours had you told the truth.

(If you want to write a CV that will impress recruiters without the need to lie, we highly recommend you get our CV and Cover Letter Kit.)

And yet, according to at least one survey, a whopping 85% of job applicants lie on their CVs. So, if you’re an employer and want to spot the fibbers, or if you’re a job hunter and want to ensure you avoid being caught lying, Live Recruitment have created a quick infographic with the top six CV lies – and how to spot them.