Computer says no: is ATS rejecting your CV before a human even sees it?

Tired of being rejected for job interviews? Or not even hearing back from applications? Find out why your CV could be a victim of the ATS, and how to impress computers AND humans. 

Does this sound familiar: “I’m sending dozens of CVs out every week, and not getting any interviews! What am I doing wrong?”

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many job hunters become increasingly frustrated at not hearing back after applying for a job. And if you can relate to this, we sympathise.

Job hunting is tough, especially if you’re trying to resume your career after a break. And it’s even more disheartening if you can’t work out why you’re not getting invited to interview for jobs you know you’re a good fit for.

Is your CV falling victim to ATS?

So why are you falling through the cracks? The answer could be three little letters: ATS.

Most recruiters and many employers today use a software application called Application Tracking System (ATS) to speed up and better manage their job application process.

On the plus side, ATS saves time by automatically scanning CVs for clues that the applicant could be a good candidate. On the downside, ATS systems aren’t perfect, and can sometimes overlook the perfect person for the job.

So it’s important that you don’t just know how to write a CV that will impress a recruiter or employer when you’re looking for a job, but you understand how to get past the ATS.

If not, your CV will be rejected before a human being even sees it.

We’ll help you beat the ATS

So how can you beat the ATS and make sure that your CV has an excellent chance of actually being read by a recruiter or employer?

As a general guideline, you need to ensure you do three things:

  • Use the correct keywords and job titles in your CV.
  • Make it easy for the ATS to identify your keywords.
  • Use the right formatting and fonts for ATS.

You also need to balance writing for ATS with making your CV readable and attractive to the human being who will make a decision on whether to actually call you in for an interview.

Luckily our CV Kit will help you do both. Over four modules, we teach you how to write a CV and cover letter than will pass the ATS and impress a recruiter or employer.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn to do:

  • Craft a powerful personal statement.
  • Really sell your professional experience.
  • Confidently handle your career gap.
  • Complete all sections of your CV.
  • Design a CV that impresses.
  • Write a cover letter that makes a recruiter WANT to read your CV.
  • Write a powerful ‘pain letter’.

We also explain how ATS works, and cover everything you need to know to help your CV get picked.

“It’s reassuring to know I’m on the right track”

We take pride in the quality of all our online training – and the results we help people achieve. Our CV Kit has been described as:

  • Clear and easy to follow.
  • A really comprehensive course.
  • Packed with lots of great advice and activities.
  • Well-written and easy to follow.
  • A very useful exercise.
  • Covers all the essentials and has really good tips.

Once you buy the CV Kit you get instant access to all content, so you can start writing your CV Kit right now if you wish – or check a CV you’re about to send off to make sure it’s correct. You also get lifetime access to the content, so you can return to it as many times as you want in future.

So if you’re tired of hearing nothing back after applying for jobs, or just want to make sure your CV passes the ATS and is written to current best practice, take a look at our CV Kit.

If it helps secure you an interview to just one job, it’s more than worth the investment.

Computer says yes: find out how our CV Kit will help you beat the ATS and impress recruiters and employers