Five signs you’ve found your perfect job

What is the perfect job? And how do you know if you have one? Read five signs you’re in the right role for you.

How much do you love your job? Does it fire you up and fill you with energy and enthusiasm? Or do you find yourself getting more and more excited as 6pm Friday gradually creeps closer?

Five signs you’ve found your perfect job

To help you identify whether you’ve landed a keeper – a role that’s so perfect it was specifically made for you – or it’s time to dust off your CV and start checking out other options, here are five signs you’re in the right job.

1) You look forward to Monday mornings

No Sunday evening blues for you. If you can’t wait for Monday morning to roll around then you’re most certainly in the right role. We’re not suggesting that you don’t love your weekends and time with your family, or have a fulfilling life outside work, but for you ‘work’ and ‘enjoyment’ can, and do, go quite happily hand in hand.

2) You talk about your job outside work

Just to make it clear – in this instance ‘talking about your job’ does not include moaning or griping! If you often find yourself complaining to friends and family, it’s probably time for a career change. And if you’re unlucky enough to work with toxic colleagues then you definitely need to take action.

But if you just can’t help enthusing to your friends about your company, manager or colleagues, or bore your partner rigid with office tales and the progress of your latest project, then it’s safe to assume yore pretty happy where you are.

3) You feel a sense of control

In order to function properly and healthily (and feel happy), there are a number of basic human emotional needs we all need to cover off  – one of which is to feel a sense of control in our life.

And having the freedom at work to make decisions can can easily help you tick off your need for control. So if you feel fulfilled, respected, listened to and a sense of personal power and autonomy at work, then you know you’re in the right place.

4) You go the extra mile

If you hate what you do, or feel resentment towards your company, manager or colleagues, you’re very unlikely to do more than is expected of you. On the other hand, if you find yourself willingly thinking of work at home, staying late when you need to, working through lunch occasionally, over-delivering on a project or generally going above and beyond for your job, it’s probably a keeper.

5) You feel energised

When we’re happy and motivated, working hard doesn’t deplete us – it fills us with renewed energy and enthusiasm. So if you frequently feel a buzz at work, and arrive home happy and ready to begin the tasks of preparing dinner and getting the kids ready for bed, then congratulations! We’re happy to bet that you’ve found the right job.

Just discovered you’re NOT in the right job?

If reading our five signs you’re in the right job has just made you realise that you HATE yours, here’s some wise advice to help you find a role you do love:

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