The top 10 SEO mistakes you need to avoid – infographic

Are you making a common – but expensive – SEO error on your website? Discover the top 10 mistakes you need to avoid in this infographic.

One strategy few business today can afford to ignore is Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. SEO helps your website to rank higher on search sites like Google by optimising the technical and creative elements of your website.

And in an increasingly competitive online marketplace, you need to ensure that you have SEO covered.

With a great SEO strategy, you can ensure your business has maximum brand exposure, and attracts organic traffic (people who find you through search engines) – saving you money and giving your business a head start against your competitors.

But what is a great SEO strategy? many small businesses find the term confusing, and aren’t sure what they should (and just as importantly, shouldn’t) be doing to increase their ranking.

To help you avoid common (and expensive) SEO mistakes, this infographic highlights some of the most common SEO slip-ups. We recommend quickly taking a look to check you’re not making any!


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