How we got an article to rank at #1 in Google within days

Love to know how to get your content to rank higher on Google? Find out how we managed to get our article to the #1 spot on Google within days.

When it comes to SEO, the higher you can get your content to rank on search engines like Google the better. With increased competition no longer can you count hitting page two or three as a win.

According to the latest statistics, you’re either on page one (ideally at the top) or you may as well not even bother. That’s because of all the people who click on Google search results, 96% of those clicks happen on the first page of Google. And 28% of them are on the top result.

So if you have a business website and you are hoping to get found on organic search, you need to not just wrk on your SEO but have a strategy to get to that coveted top spot of Google.

How we got to the top spot of Google

And recently, we achieved just that in days with an article on our site. In June 2020 we published an article on the questions to ask during a psychic reading and, as you can see, it very quickly it started attracting traffic from Google:

In fact, in just a few days this article was ranking in the #1 spot on Google for relevant search queries.

So how did we do it? 

Firstly, it’s important to note that this article didn’t rank in isolation. It had a head start because of our domain authority. And we’ve earned that from consistent good SEO practice over eight years. 

But our domain authority alone didn’t guarantee this article would climb to the top of Google so quickly. 

It was chosen by Google because it was written according to good SEO practice. Here are three important things we did that ensured this article would rank:

  1. It was written for a specific keyword, and that keyword was placed in the right frequency and locations.
  2. We made sure it had the correct outbound and internal links, with the kind of anchor text we knew Google liked. 
  3. It was written to the right length.

Basically, it ticked all the right boxes for SEO. And if that sounds very simple, that’s because it is! There’s no huge mystique to SEO – you just need to get the basics and essentials on your website right, then have an easy strategy you implement every month.

And that is something anyone can do – whether you’re just starting with SEO or have been working on it for years, like us. It doesn’t take expertise or a lot of time.

We rank on page one of Google for over 300 search terms

Of course this is just one article on our site. But it’s not the only one to hit the top spot of Google – we rank on page one of Google for over 300 search terms. This means, as you can see, we receive tens of thousands of hits on our site and millions of impressions – all from organic search:

And we achieved all this without the help of an SEO expert. Instead we simply taught ourselves SEO and implemented best practice.

How can you rank at the top of Google?

Right now, making the first page of Google, let alone the top spot may seem a distant dream. But it’s absolutely possible for you to rank at the top of Google too. To do so you need to:

  • Fix the basics and essentials on your site so Google can crawl it properly
  • Research the right keywords to rank for
  • Understand how to write SEO-friendly copy based on your keywords
  • Know how to use backlinks, outbound links and internal links properly

And that’s exactly what we show you how to do over four weeks in our SEO Kit. We’ll guide you as you plan your entire SEO strategy, and give you easy monthly tasks so you can help your pages and blogs rank higher on Google. 

We’ll show you everything we did to hit the #1 spot on Google with this article – and hundreds more – so you can do the same.

So if you’d love to climb to the top of Google without paying for an ad, join our four-week course now