Seven ideas to keep your travel memories alive

Traveling is often bittersweet. Lovely to anticipate, wonderful to experience but sad when a trip comes to an end. But there are ways to hold onto the good times and enjoy them for years to come.

When you travel, you not only discover new scenery, but you meet new people whose views and culture are very different from yours, and you get introduced to new foods, new languages, and more. 

And this enrichment and memory don’t have to end when you return from your trip. In this article, you’ll read about seven ideas that will help you keep your travel memories alive.

1) Design a keepsake box

We all buy things from the places we visit that remind us about the place and trigger happy memories. Sometimes we may display our souvenirs and treasures in showcases or on shelves and sideboards. But not all the little things we collect fit the aesthetics of our home decor.

So why not make a keepsake box to keep everything you got from your trip in one place? You can put even the littlest souvenirs in it, even if it’s a dried-out flower you found somewhere. Keepsake boxes also make great gifts for family, friends, and loved ones. 

2) Start a scrapbook

People of all ages love scrapbooks, and the making process is extremely therapeutic. Scrapbooks can help you unleash your creativity and give you hours of pleasure.

If you are new to scrapbook making and don’t know where to begin, you can watch tutorials online or join a course to learn and excel in scrapbook making. Make sure you write down a few lines with the pictures to describe the story behind each photograph. 

Once you’re a pro you can include anything you want in your scrapbook as long as it blends well with the photographs. 

3) A photo book storing memories

Travel enthusiasts very often use this method to capture the highlights of their trips because it’s not only low-effort but also helps to keep all the memories in one place. Buy a photo album or dedicate a sturdy notebook and add all the pictures you’ve taken during the trip to it. 

Once again, you don’t have to be a perfectionist. Just be creative and ensure that each photo book picture reminds you of good times. You can also do this in your leisure time to improve your crafting skills.

You will be reminded of the good times you’ve spent every time you flip through the pages of your photo book, and can easily share with others if you wish.

4) Produce travel vlogs and create a video collage

Travel vlogs get so much love on the internet because creators capture candid moments from their vacations as well as beautiful scenery, so people can live vicariously through their experiences while sat at home.

However, many travel enthusiasts are put off it because they find vlogging complicated or think it will be too expensive. 

But you can easily start vlogging with the help of your smartphone. Just get a tripod and record the highlights of your trip. For the editing part, it’s not necessary to buy expensive editing software as a beginner; you can use tools available online for free.

Alternatively, you can make a video collage. A vlog can be intimidating but a video collage isn’t. You can look for a video collage maker online that has all the editing tools you need to put together all your shots from trips into amazing travel vlogs. 

It will take a week or so to improve your editing skills, but you will soon be able to make the most aesthetically pleasing collages and share them with the world. 

5) Create an Instagram handle for travel posts

A creative yet no-cost way of keeping your travel memories alive is to dedicate an Instagram handle solely for travel-related posts. It doesn’t just have to be pictures; you can upload videos, reels, stories, etc. 

Use the right hashtags and take some time to edit the posts before you upload them to maintain your profile’s aesthetics. This is a great way to capture the minute details of your vacations because all you’ll have to do is snap or record and upload. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to wait till the vacation is over to make the posts. 

Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to make your Instagram posts, and you’re good to go. Plus, travel-related accounts on Instagram have a great reach, so you can also consider putting more effort into this and making more informative travel posts.

Once you’re back from the trip, you can share with your followers your keepsakes, the experiences you had on the trip, and so on.

You can also make videos on the places that are a must-visit, share tutorials on how your followers can travel on a budget, what things they must include in their luggage for a safer journey, and more. 

These kind of videos help millions of users travel safer and make better decisions when they travel. 

6) Turn your travel photographs into mug, magnet, or calendar

Want to be reminded of your holiday every day? Print the photographs from your trip onto your favorite coffee mug or coaster. You can also use photographs in fridge magnets, calendars and more. 

Printing photographs onto a canvas or a piece of wood is also a great option. This way, you will be reminded of your trip every time you walk into a room to get something. These small additions to your home will make your interior space look appealing and cozy. 

7) Maintain a travel journal

If you enjoy writing, keeping a travel journal could be a great way to record your memories. All you have to do is carry a small journal with you on your trip and write about all your experiences, as well as details of sights, sounds and people. Details you will often forget in years to come, but will bring your trip back to life when you read them.

There are plenty of benefits of journaling, and when you keep a journal to write about all your travel experiences in detail, you visualize them each time you read the pages. Make sure you write your thoughts down as soon as you can while they are fresh, as memories start to fade when you’re back home. 

How can you keep your travel memories alive?

It’s crucial to keep the memories of your vacations alive through words, photographs, and videos. However, make sure that you don’t spend all your time clicking photos and videos when you’re on the trip. Remember to be present in the moment and pay attention to the place and its beauty because this is the only way you can maximize your memories.