Four family travel tips to make your Mexican vacation memorable

Planning a family holiday to Mexico? Here are four travel tips to ensure it’s memorable – for the right reasons!

Family holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend time together and strengthen your bonds. And traveling overseas to new countries is a valuable opportunity to teach your children about other cultures.

However, a poorly planned family holiday can be a disaster! Tired, grumpy, bored and hungry children have the potential to ruin what would otherwise have been paradise.

So before you pack your suitcases for your trip, make sure you’ve done all the research and planning you can.

If you’re planning family holidays to Mexico, then we’ve got four travel tips that will help you get everything in order before you go. So you can enjoy the scenery culture, people and food in this wonderful country – and make sure every member of your family has the holiday of a lifetime.

1) Prepare for safety

These days Mexico is considered a safe destination for savvy travellers. Many of the resort areas, like Los Cabos, Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, and the cultural destinations like Mexico City, Guanajuato, Puebla and Oaxaca have low crime or violence levels.

That said, you’ll still need to exercise caution. Be aware of what’s happening around you, especially with children. And make sure your children know where you’re staying and how to contact you or your hotel in case they get lost or separated.

Before you travel, make copies of your ID and passports, and any other important documents. And leave your contact information, hotel details and itinerary with someone you trust back home. 

Also pre-book transportation from the airport so you can safely reach your accommodation. The last thing you want after a long flight is to have to deal with documents, luggage, language, local currency and other obstacles. It’s such a relief to arrive at a destination and spot someone waiting for you with a sign and a car ready.

2) Plan your eating and drinking

You’ll find plenty of good food in Mexico. However, when you may find the variety limited for your palette – especially if you’re travelling with children.

So do some research first to find safe food options that you and your kids will like – and learn how to pronounce them if you can to avoid any misunderstandings! Fideo noodles and quesadillas are usually great choices for kids.

If you’re travelling with an infant, remember to take your own baby food with you (and diapers, while we’re on the subject). If you need to buy while you’re there, you can find brands like Pedialyte, Gerber, Pampers and Huggies at most of the grocery stores. 

Make sure you all stay hydrated, so keep bottled water on hand at all times. Don’t drink the tap water unless you’re sure that there is a purifier system in place. Also, remember that Mexican food can be quite heavy. So having some Pepto or anti-acid with you is never a bad idea. 

3) Carefully research your Mexican beach vacation

Most of the resorts in Mexico are popular with families, especially with all-inclusive deals. These usually have options for entertainment and daycare. However it’s worth noting that some hotels are better than others when it comes to family-friendly programmes. 

So make sure you research carefully before you book. Also, it’s important to know that Mexican beaches are suitable or swimmable for children. Many areas have very rough waves due to weather conditions. Destination-specific consultants might help you to choose a safe destination. You can always opt for the hotel or resort that offers a separate children’s pool.

Wherever you book, try to take at least one day trip. You can find many family-oriented outings, like water parks, archaeological ruins and themed parks. See if there are some that your children will enjoy and that have options available for adults. 

Remember, too, that all visitors to the state of Quintana Roo are now required to pay the new Visitax Mexico fee. This must be paid by all tourists visiting the area and can be purchased online.

4) Organise your own cultural trips

Mexico has a wealth of archaeological and architectural wonders to explore. These can easily be incorporated into any family itinerary, so you can have fun together. 

To make the most of the culture that Mexico has to offer, it’s a good idea to book a private tour. This ensures you can choose destinations that you’re interested in, and that you can move at the pace that suits your family.

A private tour allows you to build an itinerary that covers everything. For example, renting bikes at Coba Mayan ruins allows you to see everything at a nice pace. You can even go on a Segway tour through beautiful Mexico City to visit incredible museums. Or dress up in a miner uniform as you explore Guanajuato mines.

Often you won’t find some of the more unique or unusual tours and activities online. A travel consultant will help you plan an itinerary that perfectly fits your interests, with reliable providers. 

Plan a fantastic family holiday in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful destination for a family holiday, so make sure you plan it properly to get the most from the experience.

Plan a mix of activities and entertainment and down time, and make sure there’s something to please every member of your family. Travelling (especially long haul) with children isn’t always easy, but with the right preparations you’ll have a wonderful, memorable time together.

Photo by Matthew Hicks