Nine ways to optimise your Facebook Business Page so it’s more visible

Want to help customers find (and fall in love with) your Facebook page? Digital marketing expert Kerry Coleman shares nine ways you can make it more visible.

Whether you are small local business or a premium luxury brand, having an up to date professional presence on social media can be invaluable for so many reasons, some of which I have already covered in my article five reasons why you should be using social media.

Remembering to refresh, personalise and optimise your business profile on Facebook as your business grows and evolves, I imagine is not top of your to-do list right now.

Especially when you are forging ahead with new and exciting projects, on-boarding new clients, developing new products or services and generally getting the job done.

Does your Facebook page need some love?

That said, when I set about writing this blog post I shamefully looked at my own business page and noticed some glaringly obvious changes in my business offering from when I first set it up. Updating the content and a few other details is now firmly back on my to do list.

This is not a huge onerous task, nor does it have to take you an age to do. It is, however, important if you are looking to maintain brand consistency across all your marketing communications, whether that’s on your social media channels, or your website.

To help you do this job, here’s a quick checklist of things you can easily do to make sure the content on your business Facebook page is up to date and working hard when it comes to attracting visitors and showcasing your business.

1) Choose the right profile picture

I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the right profile image for your business page.  This is the image that will appear every time you post on your timeline, when you comment on other posts, and write a reply.

I would strongly recommend you avoid anything quirky or over familiar like a family holiday snap. This image will be representing you and your business, therefore stick with your brand logo, or if you are your brand, then a high-quality headshot photo.

Choosing the right image and one you feel completely confident with, you will be less likely to want to change it.  Consistency is key, so keep the same image unless you re-brand or update your headshot.

2) Think about your cover photo as prime advertising space

This the largest space on your business Facebook page to advertise your brand and your business for free!

Keep it fresh, up to date, and relevant to your audience.  Your cover photo can be used to advertise a new product, existing service, or current offer for example.  Don’t forget to add a caption, tag a product and include the link to your business website.

Your cover image needs to be mobile and desktop friendly, and the trick to this is a well cropped image using the following recommended dimensions of 828 x 465 pixels.

If you choose to use a video promotion as your cover photo, I would highly recommend you use a professional service to create this for you, so that it is fully optimised and fits within the dimensions of Facebook.

3) Have a clear call to action

When people are visiting your page help them to act by choosing a button relevant to your business.

For example, if you have an ecommerce site you might choose “shop now” or “see offers.”  If you want your audience to opt into receiving information about your business, you can choose a button than directs them to “sign up” and add a link to your email marketing list.

There are other options to consider, check them out and decide which is the right fit and aligns with your business goals.

4) Fill in the blanks

Check to see that you have filled in all the fields in the “About” section on your page. This is everything from your business address, phone number, opening hours, business category, products and more.

Keeping all this information up to date will not only make it easier for users to find you, it will be indexed for local searches.

5) Share your story

The “Our Story” feature is a space on your page where you can share in a bit more detail the story of your business, how it all started, who you are, and how you help your clients.

You could use the content that already exists on your website and save yourself some time.

Don’t forget to use a high-quality image, whether that’s your cover image, or something else that clearly represents your brand.

6) Showcase your services

Let people know what products or services you offer using the “Services” tab on your page.

I would recommend only listing your top 3 services or best-selling products, so as not to bombard the visitors to your page with too much information.

7) Spring clean your page

There may be tabs, content or information on your page that is no longer relevant. So spring clean your page by updating content that is out-dated and remove tabs that are redundant, for example “Shop” if you don’t have an e-commerce site.

Simply go into Settings and select Templates and Tabs on the left-hand menu.  Here you can edit and configure all your tabs exactly how you would like them to appear on your page.

8) Sprinkle your page with keywords

Make your business more visible and easier for users of Facebook to discover by using keywords in your title, the about section, and in the content that you post.

And finally…

9) Pin it!

If you have an announcement to make, you’re running a competition, have a special offer, or you want to shout about your latest blog post, then pin it to the top of your page.

To do this, simply click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your post and choose the option “Pin to Top of Page,”it’s that easy.

Pinning it will boost the posts visibility, making sure that it is the first post your visitors will see when they land on your page.

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Kerry Coleman is an experienced digital marketing consultant and social media expert for luxury, premium brands.

Photo by Preston Goff