How to improve your Facebook engagement for free by finding your ‘tribe’

Love to know a simple way you can improve your Facebook engagement? Digital marketing consultant Kerry Coleman reveals how to find your tribe. 

Mastering the social media game isn’t easy, and the burning question on everyone’s lips and the one I probably get asked the most is “how can I improve my engagement on Facebook?”

Gaining engagement on Facebook takes time and effort, but if you know the right marketing approach to do so, the work gets very rewarding. If you want to better your business and sales, you definitely should learn about ways to get more Facebook views on your account, which we are going to discuss further.

In this article I’m going to share with you my experience of setting up a Facebook Engagement Tribe, and how this can be an effective strategy to use to increase your business reach and engagement on social media for free.

One thing I’ve learnt is that things change and move at an astonishing pace in the world of social media, it is a job to keep up sometimes. However, I always say don’t be put off by this. Mastering it takes time, commitment and perseverance, so stick with it!

First you need to find your Tribe

To create a buzz around your business on social media, you need to be seen. One strategy is to find a ‘tribe’ who will help you spread the word and get your content out there to a wider, more diverse audience.

I found my first tribe when I started out on my social media training. Working with like-minded women in business, we were keen to support one another both during our training and once we had graduated.

I have since gone on to find another tribe simply by connecting with those in my business network. Sharing a common purpose and desire to grow and develop our businesses, we now follow and support one another on Facebook.

You may find your tribe while you’re out networking in person or on social media by joining groups. It only takes you and about 10 other business owners who have a presence on Facebook to commit to engaging with each other’s content regularly, and you have created your very own engagement tribe.

How does it work?

Once you’ve found your tribe, simply create a list of everyone who is in it to use as a daily prompt, then follow these five easy steps.

1) Browse each other’s pages

Spend 10 minutes each day browsing the business pages on your list. You may not have enough time to check out everyone’s pages, so you may want to pick a few at random each time, but don’t miss anyone out.

2) React to posts

By this, I mean show each other’s posts some love. If you can use LOVE or WOW or another reaction other than LIKE, Facebook will rank this higher in the engagement stakes.

3) Leave a comment

Leave a comment on each post, even if it is a simple emoji if you are short on things to say.

4) Reply to comments

If you receive a comment on your page, make sure you reply and keep the conversation going; it’s about being social after all!

5) Find the latest posts

Not everyone will post every day, so just comment and react on the latest post.

The more engagement you get, the more you’ll be seen

The purpose of the engagement tribe is to leverage the support of your fellow business owners, who like you may be struggling when it comes to seeing any engagement on their page. The more comments you receive on your posts, the more Facebook will show your content in other people’s newsfeeds, increasing your organic reach in a simple yet effective way.

Not only is this an amazing way to discover the merits of other businesses and learn more about their products or services, but you are creating a small community by sparking conversation, sharing advice, compliments, ideas and much more.

Post content that encourages conversation

Being part of an engagement tribe also makes you pay more attention to the content you are creating, and to think more strategically, as you know people are trying to comment and react to what you are sharing.

So always try to post content that naturally encourages conversation, whether that’s a question, a poll, or maybe a controversial opinion. I know I’ve struggled to say anything on some posts, including my own in the past. So it’s worth taking some to time to think about how you would react to your post before you publish it.

Facebook is prioritising content from friends and family over business users, so now’s the time to set up your engagement tribe and grow your reach organically and for free.

If you have any questions about setting up an Engagement Tribe, please feel free to email me. If you are already part of an engagement tribe or have recently set one up, I would love to hear how it is all working out for you, and the impact on your business reach and overall engagement.

Kerry Coleman is an experienced digital marketing consultant and social media expert for luxury, premium brands.

Photo by Sam Manns