“My business has changed beyond recognition.” Find out what Caroline Would says about Double Your Profits

Over the past few years, I have been honing a transformational online business programme I call Double Your Profits.

The course is 12 weeks long, and combines weekly online modules, and group video calls. Cohorts are deliberately small to ensure that everyone gets plenty of attention and value.

The aim of the course is to help make running your business easier, more enjoyable and more financially rewarding. Specifically I aim to unlock profits that may be eluding you, without asking you to work harder – just smarter.

If you’ve watched any of my webinars, you’ll know the course has achieved some fantastic results for people, including tripling sales within weeks. Probably the quickest and most spectacular win was Kayleigh Fawcett-Williams, who made £10,600 in just a few weeks after changing the target audience and marketing messaging for her online course.

One former Double Your Profits student is Caroline Would from AD ASTRA Coaching, Mentoring and Training. Caroline kindly agreed to speak to me about how she found the course, and how it helped her. Here’s a taster of what she says:

“The quick wins and acorns module completely changed the way I was finding ways of making money.”


“My visibility has increased… my sales have increased, the amount of services I provide have increased. I have really developed lots of different parts of the business through working with you. You’ve helped me look at the business as a whole and narrow down and focus on each area individually and bring it all together.”

If you’d like to find out more about how the course helped Caroline, what reservations she had before joining, what might have happened had she not signed up for it, and the most important lesson she learned from the programme, then you can watch the short interview here:

I asked Caroline specifically what she’d say to someone who was right for the course, but on the fence about joining. Here’s her answer:

“If you want to take your business to the next level, if you want to increase your confidence, your business knowledge, increase your sales, maybe increase your visibility, get yourself out there, I would definitely recommend working with Hannah at Talented Ladies Club, because within a few months your business will be transformed.

“You’ll be a lot more confident and successful, and it’s a really good investment to make. It may seem a big one at the time, but it’s one you won’t regret.”

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If you need help taking your business to the next level, and you’re an action-taker like Caroline, find out more about how Double Your Profits works.