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(Even if you are already working to maximum capacity.)

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"My sales have increased by 240%"

From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business.

It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them.

Since September, when we started this course, my sales have increased by 240%.

Kerry Coleman, Coleman Hammond

"I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week"

I am so excited to announce I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week. 84 amazing students on board. After 18 months of failed launches using all the wrong marketing strategies, I finally joined Hannah Martin's programme and it has turned my business around in ways I couldn't even imagine.

Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, WildlifeTek

I'm Hannah Martin, the purpose-driven founder of Talented Ladies Club.

Talented Ladies Club has grown from a small kitchen table start up to a global online magazine with over 100,000 visitors a month, and a respected online training provider.

I'm a popular media expert and commentator and have appeared on national TV and radio and in numerous national newspapers and magazines.

I'm also a mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator programme and a member of two All Party Parliamentary Groups in the House of Commons. In one I am in a research group focusing on best practice in business coaching and mentoring for women.

If you're ambitious and ready to make a serious investment in serious success, I'd love you to join me inside Get Rich Slow.

How I took Talented Ladies Club from broke to blooming

I launched Talented Ladies Club in 2013 and, like many first-time entrepreneurs I knew virtually nothing about running a business; I just learned as I went along.

Money was tight at the start, so I looked for the cheapest possible resources to grow it. And if I could find a way to learn or do something for free, I’d grab the opportunity. And while that meant the business didn’t spend much money, it also didn’t make much! 

This all changed about four years ago when I met my first serious coach. She was a fellow speaker at a conference I was speaking at, and as soon as I heard her talk I knew I wanted to work with her.

This was confirmed when I later met her for coffee. The problem was that her monthly fee was more than I was turning over at that time. Now the old me would have walked away, and carried on trying to chip away at my business for free.

But the newer, braver me in that moment knew that the only way I’d ever make serious money and take Talented Ladies Club up a level was to invest serious money, so I signed up.

And my faith was quickly rewarded. Within about three months our work together started paying off, and the business was easily earning more than her coaching fee. And that steady increase in profits never stopped.

Today, we turn over more in a week than we were making a year back then. And it’s not just turnover, we have a better profit margin, so we actually take home more money.

Our influence has also grown. Today we have well over 100,000 readers on our site every month, and I’ve helped hundreds of business owners via our masterclasses, courses and memberships. I am even more passionate today about unlocking the potential of women around the world, and genuinely love running my business.

 And incredibly, despite all the success and money, today I work fewer hours on Talented Ladies Club than I did before I started working with my first coach.

Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club

Now I want to help you achieve YOUR business and life goals too.

You're in the right place if...

  • You are passionate and driven, and have a history of success in your career, but feel at sea right now running your business. You need a plan to follow to give you clear direction so you can finally fly as a business owner.
  • You’re an action taker who is ready to take your business up a level (and finally make the money you should be making) – you just need to know where to focus your energy and time to get the results you want.
  • You've built an e-commerce business but sales aren't flying off the shelves as fast as you'd hoped. You're looking for a way off the treadmill so you can finally scale your sales and make a consistent income... and significantly grow your turnover!
  • Or you're running a service-based business and haven't found a way out of the time-for-money trap. You've dabbled in a few things that haven't worked and are ready to make a serious investment for serious returns.
  • But most of all, you’re ready to say goodbye to old ways of working that are trapping you in a small, effort-bound business and create a new model with simple systems that liberate you and enable you to cleverly scale what you do to reach more people, feel more on-purpose and finally earn the money you deserve.

In short, Get Rich Slow is for you if you're a business owner who isn't yet earning what you hoped for, and doesn't know how to change it.

Like Sally...

I had been running my business for 10 years. When I’d started it my children were young, but I was at the stage where my youngest child was off to secondary school and I was ready to step up a gear.

I knew I needed help. I was working quite hard, but I just felt like I was treading water and not really getting very far considering the amount of hours I was putting in

I wasn’t really making the money that I wanted to make, either. Previously I had a really good salary, and even though I wasn’t expecting to match that, I felt that I should be earning more from my business considering my experience. 

So I wanted help to concentrate on the financial side of the business.

I thought Get Rich Slow was brilliant. I loved the learning platform and the fact you can do it at your own pace. It had well-structured modules and came from a really solid business background

It contained plenty of grounded business knowledge, and not just someone saying you can make a seven-figure sum and telling you how fantastic you are, and being there lots of empty superlatives. 

Get Rich Slow was solid and knowledgeable and properly structured, and you knew that if you did the work you’d get results. I found it really straightforward and easy to follow.

When I first started, I sent out some emails using the exercise in week two, and I got new business and increased my turnover. I secured a £900 booking just from one email I sent in week two

The emails that I was sending out really worked in terms of getting more business in, and I had the best November I’ve ever had. That was just purely by focusing on my targets and making them happen.

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

Get Rich Slow is a complete programme to transform your business from a stressful energy drain to a rewarding, profitable passion.

SAVE £595

  • 12 weeks of online training
  • Lifetime access to the online content
  • 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to the DYP Group Brain
  • Private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 12 extra weeks of ongoing support
  • BONUS: 121 coaching call with Hannah



  • 12 weeks of online training
  • Lifetime access to the online content
  • 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to the DYP Group Brain
  • Private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 12 extra weeks of ongoing support


Ready to increase YOUR profits?

I'll guide you through a complete programme to transform your business in 12 powerful weeks, so you can spend LESS time and earn MORE money with greater purpose

Like many people, right now you might believe that the only way you can earn more money in your business is by:

  • Working harder
  • Working longer hours
  • Finding some secret tactic that will magically unlock the effortless profits that have eluded you so far

I'm here to tell you this isn't the case. And that this common limiting belief is actually stopping you from making the money you deserve.

The good news is that there IS a way to unlock the profit potential in your business without working harder or finding that magic tactic.

It is so empowering when you finally 'get' how your business really works and can increase your profits (and even scale), feel fully in control and understand exactly what is working, and why.

The process is simple and enjoyable to implement when you learn it. And that's just what we will teach you.

What would it mean to you to stop trying tactics that fail, and working harder and harder in vain?

To let go of frustration and finally find business easier, more profitable and fun?

Imagine how it will feel when you...

Wake up every morning feeling excited to work on your business. To choose what you're going to do, and how many hours you'll work.

Have more money than you need in your bank account; money that flows consistently into your business every day with ease.

Have the space and energy to come up with new business ideas, and know exactly how to implement them and make more money.

"If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!"

Hannah's knowledge is extensive, she has some fantastic stories to back up what she is telling you, and she is incredibly personable.

Thanks to Hannah, the changes to my business have been incredible - some small, some big, all impactful. If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

Laura Harmsworth, Caversham CV

Get Rich Slow combines online learning with group coaching to give you impactful, lasting results.

Here's what's included...

12 weeks of online training

Learn when and where you like. Each week is themed and has carefully curated content to enable you to make the change you desire without overwhelming you with information you don't need.

Weekly group coaching calls

Each week you can join a drop-in video group coaching call with Hannah. You can get advice on your situation and support to make the decisions and changes that will unlock your business profits.

12 weeks of extra support

To ensure you continue to thrive and bed down your changes, once the programme ends you get a bonus 12 weeks of support with weekly group video calls with Hannah and your DYP community.

“My business has changed beyond recognition.” Find out what Caroline Would says about Get Rich Slow

When you've finished Get Rich Slow you will have...

  • Systemised your business so you're working LESS hard for MORE results. And even better - you'll be working to your true talents and have fallen back in love with your business.
  • Finally mastered sales and marketing. You'll feel comfortable sharing your offering with customers and understand the psychology of selling. You'll have a marketing strategy that you are actioning very day to bring in consistent sales.
  • Developed an authentic content plan that makes it easy to come up with and create brilliant blogs, lead magnets and social posts that your audience will love, and that easily and consistently nurtures them through to sales.
  • Discovered your confident inner entrepreneur with a resilient abundance mindset. You'll find it easier to make decisions and act upon them - and take the kind of risks that set apart the truly creative and successful business owners.
  • Finalised a plan to steer and grow your business over the next months and years. You'll know exactly what your business needs to have and do to satisfy your personal, professional and financial goals, and already be hitting your first few milestones.

"I got my entire investment back from one workshop"

I now have a vision of the business as a business. It’s not just “I like calligraphy, so I want to do it.” It’s more about the person who is in front of me. I know my clients and I can adapt my materials to give them what they need. 

But the one thing I never forget is the profit. Now I always ensure that I make a good profit. 

Before I did Get Rich Slow I felt really guilty for not being with my kids, or at the end of the month not bringing enough money to my house, even when I worked really hard. And I was starting to feel like I was not good at my job because of that.

I was blaming my ability rather than the method I was using. But now I have a much better understanding of business, and I have more organisation in my daily work.

Importantly, I can also see when things are not right, and understand why that’s the case. And I know how to make the changes needed. I have a holistic vision of my business, rather than only seeing some parts of it in isolation.

I got my entire investment back from one workshop that I ran because of the course. 

Alejandra Gonaldi, Caligrapher

Here's how you'll transform your business and life every week


Analyse and create your systems

You start by taking our Profit SWOT to identify where you are and where to focus your work. Then we show you how to start setting up the systems that will unlock the potential in your business.


Build your sales confidence

If you want sales, you need to DO sales... and that's what you'll master in week 2. You'll set up the start of your sales calendar and discover how to sell with confidence using our un-sell technique.


Find your productivity freedom

You only have 24 hours in a day, and we want you to work as smart as possible in the ones you have available, so you can achieve (and earn) what you need and love it! This week you'll uncover the secrets of doing exactly this.


Price for genuine profit

Is your pricing working for you... or is it losing you customers and profit? This week you'll explore the psychology of pricing and re-visit your own pricing to ensure it's winning you business and making you money.


Plan your marketing journey

How are customers finding you? And when they do, how are you nurturing them through to a sale? This week you'll build a marketing and sales strategy that is authentically you and that your ideal customer will love.


Find the right customers

Speaking of ideal customers - who exactly are they? That's what you'll uncover this week. You'll get crystal clear on who your biggest fans are, what they want from you, and how to find them.


Uncover your mission & USP

What makes your business special? Why should someone care about you, much less BUY from you? This week you'll nail exactly what makes you unique, and how to spread that uniqueness everywhere like sales honey.


Build authentic content

Authentic content attracts people into your 'funnel' and nurtures them through to a sale as they come to know, like and trust you. This week you'll build relationships with your customers by creating an authentic content plan.


Set SMART goals

How can you know what plan to implement for your business without a clear idea of your destination? This week you'll set SMART goals for the business and lifestyle that you desire.


Audit your profitability

Fixing your pricing and sales aren't the only way to almost instantly earn more. Too many businesses lose valuable profits via common leaks. This week you'll audit your business' profitability and plug any loss leaks.


Build abundance & resilience

Your business can only thrive if YOU thrive. So it's time to rid yourself of any limiting beliefs, overcome any psychological barriers to progress and master resilience with the ultimate success mindset.


Review & plan

By week 12 you'll have made MASSIVE progress on your business and your mindset. Using our unique living business plan you'll review where you are and your goals, and get clear on your next actions.

"You need Hannah in your life!"

I have recently completed the Get Rich Slow programme and can not shout loud enough how useful it was.

Hannah shares soooo much wisdom, content and just the right amount of accountability pressure to ensure I worked through the processes to build my business.

With her cheerleading and knowledge, I have developed a website, a sales and marketing plan, an online learning platform, mastered Google Sheets and email automation, signed up to booking and payment systems and my administration processes are more efficient, allowing me to spend more time selling and delivering.

If you want to find out what your business is all about, how it can earn you money and meet like-minded and supportive women, you need Hannah in your life!

Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching

Get Rich Slow contains everything you need to transform your business (and life) in 12 powerful weeks

The sooner you start Get Rich Slow, the sooner you'll start making the money you want and deserve.

Just think where you'll be in six months' time when you start now.

SAVE £595

  • 12 weeks of online training
  • Lifetime access to the online content
  • 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to the DYP Group Brain
  • Private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 12 extra weeks of ongoing support
  • BONUS: 121 coaching call with Hannah



  • 12 weeks of online training
  • Lifetime access to the online content
  • 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to the DYP Group Brain
  • Private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 12 extra weeks of ongoing support


No question money back guarantee

We want you to be 100% happy with your decision to join Get Rich Slow. So if in the first 14 days of joining the programme you change your mind, just let us know and we'll refund your investment - no questions asked.

Enrol by midnight Sunday 30 May


What would it mean for you to increase your profits without working harder or longer hours in your business? Maybe even by working LESS?

Like Amanda...

Initially I wasn’t sure that Get Rich Slow would work for a product business – I thought it was just for service-based businesses. I was also concerned whether I could commit the time to action, and do everything in the programme.

But actually I found the programme really easy to follow, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that we’re drip fed the coursework, because you don’t feel too overwhelmed. You can just go and do it as and when you can, and come back to it if you need.  

I love the weekly calls, and I love that Hannah questions our businesses and her no nonsense, pragmatic approach. Hannah is really honest and very practical, and having her as a coach has been really useful for me and helped me to focus on profit.  

My aim for a successful business was to triple my average online sales and to be able to outsource fulfilment. And, just six weeks after starting Get Rich Slow, I made the decision to outsource fulfilment and, as a result, I tripled my online sales.  

It’s been amazing. Not only have I already achieved two ambitious business goals, but it’s made me realise it is possible to do more, and that I CAN reach my targets. By focusing on the money, processes and systems and just getting on with it, and doing things that are right for your business, you can make a big difference.  

Get Rich Slow has really helped me take an absolutely massive leap in essentially the space of a month.

Amanda Overend, Books & Pieces

Unleash the magic of Purchicipation™

There's an important reason why Get Rich Slow works so powerfully. And that's down to something we call Purchicipation™.

When you make a significant investment in something you are ALWAYS more invested in getting results from it. So bigger purchases inevitably lead to greater participation. And more impressive results.

Purchicipation™ is why trying to do things for free, or finding cheap alternatives doesn't work; you're just not invested enough.

When you DO invest properly, and put enough of yourself on the line, that's where the real magic happens. You make braver decisions. You overcome discomfort. You're more motivated to do the work. And you make sure you get results.


How quickly will I earn my investment back?

That depends on you! The process we teach you in this course works when you follow it. Here are some of the results people like you have achieved just by following the process:

  • e-Commerce store owner Amanda Overend tripled her online sales in six weeks (and has continued to grow them consistently since thanks to the changes she made).
  • Fashion stylist Sally Smy made £900 from one sales email in week two.
  • Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams made over £10,600 in a month on her course launch thanks to the changes I recommended.
  • Marketing consultant Kerry Coleman increased her profits by 240% in just a few weeks.
  • Calligrapher Alejandra Gonaldi got her entire investment back from one workshop that she planned because of the course.

From our own experience, we know that it's often only by investing seriously that you'll see serious results (aka Purchicipation™). Research shows that you are more motivated to take action when you've put your money on the line! There's a lot of power in investing in your business.... in telling yourself you're worth it and knowing that you need to work to get that money back.

The other reason that serious investment in the right programme works is that you're getting a WHOLE solution. It's easy to waste money buying a small course here, a power hour there... none of which actually joins up into a complete picture. It was only when we finally invested in a proper business coach (who charged an eye watering amount!) that we finally made proper progress and we've continued to invest seriously in our own business since - and we've always been rewarded with an impressive return on our investment. It's our mission to give you the same results.

My business is unique. Will this still work for me?

The principles we teach you are sector agnostic. They're basic good business practice that will work for any type of business. Basically, as long as you sell something to someone then Get Rich Slow will work for you.

What's more important than the type of business you run is the type of person you are. From experience the kind of people who thrive in this process are those who are ready and wiling to take action, and trust the process. So if you're frustrated at not having all the answers right now, or not making enough money, and are ready to change then you'll love this process.

I'm already working at capacity! How much time will this course take?

If you're currently spending every working hour (and more) on your business and it's not yet working for you, then you absolutely need to do this programme! The point of Get Rich Slow is to help you spend LESS time on your business, while earning more.

To achieve this we never overwhelm you with pointless tasks. Instead we give you exactly what you need to make the right changes, starting in week one when you begin your TLC Timesheet and doing our Profit SWOT. In week three you'll use the learnings to makeover your productivity habits.

Here's what calligrapher Alejandra Gonaldi said about the programme:

"I liked that the modules were weekly, so you had plenty of time to do your work, but you also made regular progress... I tried to a bit every day, but I was flexible. If I was busy one week I would do less and then catch up the next week. 

And it was not difficult. In fact it was just helping us to run our businesses better. It wasn’t extra work – it was work we needed to be doing anyway. Work that solved problems and made our businesses run better and earn more money.... It’s absolutely possible to still do your work and do the course."

How long do I have access to the programme?

You have lifetime access to the online content. So if you want to re-visit an exercise or masterclass later on you can. The programme itself is structured over 12 powerful weeks.

So, to sum up, you get lifetime access to the online content and 12 weeks of weekly drop in video calls with Hannah and the DYP community.

Got another question? Email me at hannah@talentedladiesclub.com and I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

"The course made it feel manageable and do-able"

I thought Get Rich Slow was great. It was quite a lot of money to spend at a time when I wasn’t earning huge amounts. It was also an unknown, and there’s always that worry whenever you try something new and wonder whether it’s going to be the right thing for you. But I did feel pretty confident before I started that it was going to cover what I needed to know.

I really enjoyed the content mix. It was different each week – some weeks we watched a webinar and did exercises, and other weeks there was more reading and worksheets. 

I thought our weekly calls were really helpful, too. I liked the fact that they weren’t completely prescribed, so we didn’t necessarily talk about exactly what we’d covered on the course that week, but could talk about anything in our business we needed help with. I liked that it was so tailored towards our needs. 

Clarity and confidence were the two biggest things I got out of it. The clarity of what it is I want to do, and focus of how I’m going to help the people that I’m going to help. That was really, really helpful.

Also the underlying confidence that actually I can do this. When you’re in business it’s easy to feel like you’ve to be everywhere, and that’s really overwhelming. But actually the course broke all of that down and made it feel manageable and do-able. That was really helpful. 

Sophie Morris, Quietosophy

Join Get Rich Slow and I'll be by your side for the next 12 weeks as you transform your business - and fall in love with it again