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"You need Hannah in your life"

"I have recently completed the Double Your Profits programme and cannot shout loudly enough how useful it was.

Hannah shares soooo much wisdom, content and just the right amount of accountability pressure to ensure I worked through the processes to build my business.

With her cheerleading and knowledge, I have developed a website, a sales and marketing plan, an online learning platform, mastered Google Sheets and email automation, signed up to booking and payment systems and my administration processes are more efficient, allowing me to spend more time selling and delivering.

If you want to find out what your business is all about, how it can earn you money and meet like-minded and supportive women, you need Hannah in your life!" 

Caroline Would, AD ASTRA Coaching Mentoring Training


"I tripled my sales in six weeks"

“Initially I wasn't sure that Double Your Profits would work for a product business – I thought it was just for service-based businesses. I was also concerned whether I could commit the time to action, and do everything in the programme.

But actually I found the programme really easy to follow, and I've enjoyed the fact that we're drip fed the coursework, because you don't feel too overwhelmed. You can just go and do it as and when you can, and come back to it if you need.

I love the weekly calls, and I love that Hannah questions our businesses and her no nonsense, pragmatic approach. Hannah is really honest and very practical, and having her as a coach has been really useful for me and helped me to focus on profit.

My aim for a successful business was to triple my average online sales and to be able to outsource fulfilment. And, just six weeks after starting Double Your Profits, I made the decision to outsource fulfilment and, as a result, I tripled my online sales.

It's been amazing. Not only have I already achieved two ambitious business goals, but it's made me realise it is possible to do more, and that I CAN reach my targets. By focusing on the money, processes and systems and just getting on with it, and doing things that are right for your business, you can make a big difference.

Double Your Profits has really helped me take an absolutely massive leap in essentially the space of a month.”

Amanda Overend, Books & Pieces

"I thought it was brilliant"

"I thought Double Your Profits was brilliant. I loved the learning platform and the fact you can do it at your own pace. It had well-structured modules and came from a really solid business background. 

It contained plenty of grounded business knowledge, and not just someone saying you can make a seven-figure sum and telling you how fantastic you are, and using lots of empty superlatives. 

Double Your Profits was solid and knowledgeable and properly structured, and you knew that if you did the work you’d get results. I found it really straightforward and easy to follow.

I would recommend it to a small business owner who is working too hard and not making enough money. Maybe someone who started a sideline business and now wants to earn more. 

If anyone is hoping to make their business really earn the money they need, they should definitely join."

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

"You need to do this course!"

"I absolutely loved Double Your Profits. I liked that the modules were weekly, so you had plenty of time to do your work, but you also made regular progress. 

Some weeks were more difficult than others for me if I was working or had commitments, but you could always catch up easily. 

I also loved that there were other people going through the same programme as you. Everyone had a different business, with different problems, and Hannah always found a way of helping each of us individually.

I learned a lot from the problems that others were dealing with too. I knew if I ever came across those problems I already had answers for them. Hannah was very supportive in the Facebook group, and always ready to answer any questions. 

It was also surprising to see some of the people on the course. From the outside it looked like they had very successful businesses; I could never have guessed that they were struggling behind the scenes. 

So that changed my point of view as well, and stopped me from worrying why my business wasn’t as successful as other people’s. I just focus on my business now and don’t worry about others’ perceived successes.

If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you don’t have a plan to get you where you want, or you are just crossing your fingers and hoping everything will work out or that tomorrow will be better, then you need to do this course!"

Alejandra Gonaldi, calligrapher

"I made over £10,600 on my course launch"

"I am so excited to announce that I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week. 84 amazing students on board.

After 18 months of failed launches all using the wrong marketing strategies I finally joined Hannah Martin's programme and it has turned my business around in ways I couldn't even imagine.

It's made my marketing so much less stressful and at least 10x more profitable."

Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, Wildlifetek

"The most valuable session I have had in my career"

"The most resourceful hour I have spent"

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