Launching a home business? Why you need support, not a website

Are you ready to start your own, home-based business? Find out why getting the right support is so important – possibly more so than getting the perfect website!

Natasha Wright from Business Jump explains why support is so essential for entrepreneurs, and where you can find it.

I was once just like you

So you’ve decided that the time has come to take action on that little voice that is telling you that, deep down, you are destined to be a business owner. Now what?

The decision to launch your own home business is the first step to finding the financial freedom and purpose you desire. But it’s also a scary and uncertain one.

I know, because some years ago I also made the same decision. I spent many years of building my business, with some success and the inevitable failures, and it’s been a rewarding and inspiring journey.

And now it’s your turn.

My one piece of advice for you

If there was once piece of advice I would give to new entrepreneurs, it would be this: find people who are going through the same process as you, AND people who have already built a successful business already.

Both are very important. Because becoming a solopreneur can be a little bit like childbirth – painful and messy.

Why support is more important than a website

In fact, I believe that when you’re launching a new business, finding the right support is more important than a website. (If this sounds strange, hear me out!)

The first thing most entrepreneurs do once they have had their big idea, or have decided to start their own business, is to get their website set up. And indeed, the entrepreneurial space is dominated with advice about how to launch a website in a practical sense. But you won’t find much about the emotional or mindset side.

Your business journey is as important as your destination

I can completely understand that you might think getting your website and social media is a top priority. Marketing is everything right? Well, yes, it is, in terms of sales. But take a minute to reflect on this question:

Why are you launching a home business?

Perhaps you want to be able to work from home with the kids and spend more time with them. Perhaps you have a great idea which you want to give to the world. Perhaps you want a challenge and to meet new people.

You probably have multiple reasons for launching a home business, and that’s fantastic.

But whatever your reason, one thing is certain: the reason you wanted to start a home business wasn’t to spend hours and hours setting up your website and marketing.

Marketing is something you have to do (unless you get some help) but it’s not the most important bit.

The most important bit is how you feel as you set up your business. The journey is just as important as the destination, and running a business is quite a ride.

Why is support so important?

Have you ever heard the saying you are the sum of the five people you hang around with the most? The principle behind this saying is the reason finding the right support is so important.

Imagine setting up a business in a vacuum, without any influence from the outside:

  • No one to bounce ideas off.
  • No one to learn from, no one to ask advice.
  • No one to speak to when things don’t go planned.
  • No one to reach out to when you feel demotivated.
  • And most importantly, no one to inspire you to upgrade your business to the next level.

Not only does support provide everything you need in terms of advice and motivation, but it also provides you with lots of inspiration.

There simply is NO FUN in building a business by yourself and it is very likely your results will suffer.

Where to find support

Support can come in many guises, and what works for one woman, may not be ideal for you.

If you prefer face-to-face support, check out local business groups and networking clubs. You may find a friendly co-working space or Jelly near you.

Some business owners benefit from joining mastermind groups (like the mum-focused Mpower groups), or engaging a business coach. Or you could create your own informal collective of business owners, and organise regular get-togethers.

There are also an increasing number of business-focused mothers’ groups, such as Mothers Meeting, Working Mums Club, the Mumpreneur’s Networking Club and Bristol’s Freelance Mum. There’s even a Mums Enterprise Roadshow.

If you like the idea of tapping into a virtual network of like-minded entrepreneurs there are a number of business clubs and communities you can join, including Talented Ladies Club’s free Facebook group and my own online community and business training resource, Business Jump.

Or you may find companionship and support via social media pages or communities. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you find the support you need – just make sure you go and get it!

Natasha is a successful business woman and founder of Business Jump. She shares tips, tools and techniques to help you jump into your business the smart way, so you can find financial freedom and enjoyment.