Plan your entire SEO strategy in just four weeks

(And get easy monthly tasks to help you rank higher on Google)

When people search for what you do or sell, does your business website appear at the top of Google? Or are they finding (and buying from) your competitors instead?

According to the experts, 96% of all clicks happen on the first page of Google, and 28% of them on the top result. So it's a fact: if your SEO strategy hasn't got you to the top of Google, you are losing business.

To help you get found by Google, we're running a four-week SEO beginner's course starting 15 November. Each week you'll learn about the basics of SEO, keywords, content and backlinks and have easy actions to take.

So by the end of the course you'll have your entire SEO strategy planned out, so you can start climbing up Google - and getting found by more customers. And to help you knock your competitor off the top spot (and keep them off) we also give you an easy monthly SEO task list to use going forward.

This is a must-have course for any small business owner or freelancer who wants to get found by more customers and clients, and get a steady stream of traffic (and sales) from Google.


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This four-week SEO strategy course is for you if:

  • Your website isn't ranking on page one of Google for the search terms you want - or you don't even know what search terms you should be ranking for!
  • You know SEO is important but you don't understand how it works - or you have a basic understanding of it but don't know how to implement it.
  • You're tired of seeing your competitors rank above you on Google and would love to steal some of the business they're getting as a result!
  • You know SEO is important and need more web traffic but can't afford to hire an SEO expert, and don't know enough to do it yourself (yet).
  • You'd love help to properly understand SEO and plan your strategy, and get easy tasks to follow (with worksheets and checklists to make it do-able).
  • And finally, to help your website climb Google (and stay there) you'd love a simple checklist to follow every month going forward, with tasks you can easily fit into your day.

What do people say about this course?

"You made SEO simple to understand and implement. The course is well structured and easy to navigate. There are some very useful external links and Google tools that I find very helpful. The course is ideal if you are looking for some non-technical SEO support."

- Dr Mei Tuson

"If you're looking for a beginner's course that explains the mysteries of SEO and walks you through each stage in a clear and helpful way, then this is the one for you."

- Charlotte Moore, Smoothie PR

"The course gives suggestions on where to find keywords, and a great explanation of how to work out rankings."

Jo Barber, Seeing Social

"Even though I thought I had a fairly good grasp of what SEO requirements were, this course taught me so much in a really accessible way. No annoying quizzes to get through but helpful practical tips and excellent checklist to print and keep handy."

- Olivia Vandyke, Gingham Cloud

How we help you plan your SEO strategy in four weeks

Over four weeks we'll help you to understand the psychology, basics and essentials of SEO and plan out your keyword, content and backlink strategy.

All content is online, so you can complete this course when and where you want. You also get checklists to download and print to help keep you on track.


Fix the SEO basics and essentials

In week one you'll get your head around the psychology of SEO and how it really works. You'll also learn the basics of SEO and complete a few essential tasks to ensure your website can get found by Google and has what it needs to rank.


Research your keywords

In week two you'll learn the difference between the three types of keyword, and which ones you should aim to rank for. Then you'll research your keyword strategy and plan how to use them on your website to help you rank for them.


Plan your content strategy

In week three you'll learn how to plan and write content that search engines and your ideal customers or clients will love. You'll then plan your content strategy so you can create content that will help your pages to rank higher on Google.


Plan your backlink strategy

In week four you'll learn how backlinks work, why they're important and how you can get more of them. You'll then plan your backlink strategy so you can start gaining more of the kind of backlinks that Google loves. You'll also add quality backlinks to your existing content.

Our worksheets make mastering SEO REALLY easy

There are so many things you need to do for SEO it's easy to get confused and demoralised. So, to help you master SEO and take action, we give you a checklist to keep track of your learning and tasks.

Just complete the tasks each week and tick off your checklists and you'll have an SEO strategy ready to work on in four weeks.

And to ensure you keep building your SEO (and climbing up Google's ranks) afterwards, we give you simple monthly tasks with a monthly checklist.

So you'll have a strategy ready to use in four weeks, plus monthly guidance to follow going forward. SEO couldn't be more easy!

Take a look inside the course

After completing this course you'll have:

  • An understanding of how SEO works and what Google looks for when ranking web pages. You'll know what tactics to avoid, and how to complete the SEO basics and essentials to make it easier for Google to find and rank you.
  • A keyword strategy. You'll know the difference between the three types of keyword and which ones you want to rank for. You'll have researched your keywords and know how to use them properly.
  • An SEO content strategy. You'll know how to plan and write blogs that Google (and your ideal customer) loves and will have planned a list of content to write for your keyword strategy.
  • A backlink strategy. You'll know how backlinks work and how to get them. Plus you'll understand how to use links within your own website to please Google. You'll have a backlink strategy planned to help you grow your backlinks steadily over time.
  • A monthly strategy going forward. SEO isn't a one-and-done task. If you want to climb to the top of Google's results pages for the right search terms you need to keep working on your SEO every month. And to help you do that we give you easy tasks to complete every month and a checklist to help you get them done.

Meet your teacher

Hello, I'm Hannah Martin, and I'm the founder of Talented Ladies Club.

When we first launched Talented Ladies Club I knew SEO would be important, so started learning how to use it. Eight years on, we've had over 4 million visitors from organic search, and we rank on page one of Google for over 298 search terms. 

I achieved this through understanding the psychology behind SEO and sticking to 'white hat' strategies.

I now teach small business owners and freelancers like you how to plan and implement your own SEO strategies, so you can rank for the right search terms and grow your brand, website traffic and sales via Google.

Plan your entire SEO strategy and save £1,051

SEO might be essential if you have a business website, but it isn't cheap. Here's what it costs to hire an SEO expert in the UK:

Few small businesses and freelancers can afford to hire an SEO expert, but still need to rank on Google. That's why we created our SEO Kit - so you create your own DIY SEO strategy in just four weeks for a one-off investment.

So rather than spend, at a minimum, £100 a month on budget SEO support, you can invest just £199 now in a one-off payment and learn how to do your own SEO every month. Or pay two monthly instalments of £119.

Which means you can plan a year's SEO strategy and have monthly tasks to complete for just £199 - saving you £1,051 on the cheapest budget SEO help.


Why should I buy a course to learn SEO? Can't I just work it out on my own, for free?

Yes of course you can research how SEO works yourself - there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and videos out there to read and watch. But that's the problem. Do you have the time to scour all these blogs and watch videos? And how can you trust the advice you're being given works?

I've done the research and applied the strategies so you don't have to, and share what I know works from eight years of successful SEO on my own site. I'll make sure you understand the psychology, basics and essentials of SEO, including keywords, content and backlinks, and give you practical tasks to complete so you can start applying them to your own website.

And to ensure you actually get your SEO sorted (rather than buy yet another course or class you never finish!) I guide you through a four-week process in which you'll plan out your entire SEO strategy, and give you monthly task sheets to keep you on track going forward.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is designed to be completed over four weeks, to help keep you on track and make sure you complete it and reap the benefits. (Though obviously you can take longer if you need or wish.)

You have lifetime access to the content so you can keep returning to it for a refresher or to check what you are doing is correct in the future.

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – will this work for me?

Yes! We teach you the psychology of SEO, and how you can find and use the right keywords to rank - whatever you want to rank for.

How much time will it take to learn?

We've designed the course to be completed in four weeks around your business and other commitments. If you can spare two to three hours a week for four weeks, you can plan your entire SEO strategy in four weeks.

And remember that you have lifetime access to the course, so if you need to take longer, that is fine too. If you are busy or something crops up you can take longer than four weeks to plan your strategy.

How do I know your SEO advice works?

When I was planning the launch of Talented Ladies Club, over eight years ago, I knew SEO would be important. So I started learning how to use it... and I haven't stopped since!

Today, Google has given us over 4 million visitors, we rank on page one for almost 300 search terms, and in the last three months alone we've had over 9.43 million impressions in organic search.

I've also helped dozens of other small business owners and freelancers improve their SEO. Some freelancers have bought the course to add to their own skill set and offer SEO support for their clients.

And finally, we had our site fully audited by an SEO expert last year to check that our strategy was correct and we weren't missing any opportunities - and we passed with flying colours!

I'm not 'techy'. Can I do this?

Yes! I'm not techy either. It's my mission to make SEO simple and easy to understand and use.

I've listened to experts try to describe it SEO and make it sounds REALLY complicated. But it's not. At its heart SEO is very simple; you just need to understand the psychology of how it works. And know what Google is really looking for when it crawls your website... which is exactly what you'll learn in this course.

I also wanted to create a practical course you can go away and actually use on your own website. So you get simple, non-techy tasks to complete and weekly checklists so you can work through everything in order.

By the time you finish this course you'll understand how SEO works, how to give Google what it wants, and have an SEO strategy you can easily work on every month to help your website rank on page one of Google for the right search terms.

What do people say about this course?

"The course took me two hours to do. In that time I went from having very little knowledge of SEO to feeling confident in my understanding of the subject. I have always steered clear of SEO because I simply didn't understand it, but now I am embracing it wholeheartedly in my own campaigns and that of my clients!"

- Kerry Coleman, Coleman Hammond

"This course is great! Saves hours of wading through information as it cuts right to the chase. It’s easy to take notes and brilliant to be able to get back to. The course bridges the gap between technical SEO expertise and everyday use in your own business and clients’ businesses."

- Paula Hutchings, Marketing Vision Consultancy

"I now feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the basics of SEO and the terminology around it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a solid starting point in order improve their copywriting skills."

- Stacey Quinzi, digital marketing manager

Join now and get ready to plan your SEO strategy in four weeks

Join our SEO Kit now and you can plan your entire SEO strategy in just four weeks, plus get easy monthly tasks that will help you to climb Google's rankings going forward.


  • Four weekly modules
  • Weekly worksheets to keep you on track
  • Monthly checklist and tasks
  • Instant access
  • Yours to keep for life
  • Easy to follow for beginners

£199 (saving of £39)


  • Four weekly modules
  • Weekly worksheets to keep you on track
  • Monthly checklist and tasks
  • Instant access
  • Yours to keep for life
  • Easy to follow for beginners

Pay monthly (2 x £119)

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