How to plan your entire SEO strategy in four weeks

Want more search traffic from Google… without paying for ads? Find out how to plan your entire SEO strategy in four weeks.

When you work for yourself – whether you run a business or are a freelancer – there’s so much you need to do. And one task that often gets demoted to the bottom of to-do lists (if it even features on it at all) is SEO.

And we get it. There are so many things that are more urgent – marketing, invoicing, social media and actually doing the work you’re being paid for. 

But to ignore SEO is a big mistake. 

Did you know that 97% of users search online to find a local business? Or that 78% of local searches on mobile result in an offline purchase?

But if you’re not top of the search results, you won’t win that business. Because as many as 96% of all clicks happen on the first page of Google. And 28% of them are on the top result.

So if you’re not on page one of Google, you may as well not have a website as far as organic search is concerned. 

The brutal truth is that if you have a website, you need to be doing SEO. If not, you’re virtually giving business away to your competitors. 

“SEO is time consuming and difficult”

The problem for small businesses and freelancers is that SEO can seem time consuming and difficult, and many just don’t know where to start with it. 

And outsourcing SEO can be expensive. According to a Google search, even the cheapest SEO consultant costs £100 a month. That’s £1,200 a year. 

But we’ve got good news for you: SEO can be easy and manageable, even if you’re a complete beginner. 

And to show you how, we have a four-week course that guides you through the basics and essentials of SEO, and helps you plan your entire SEO strategy. 

Here’s what you’ll cover each week:

  1. Fix your SEO basics and essentials
  2. Research your keywords
  3. Plan your content strategy
  4. Plan your backlink strategy

By the time you’ve finished, you’ll understand how SEO works and know what you need to do to climb up Google’s rankings. And you’ll have a bespoke strategy ready to go. 

And to make it really easy to implement your strategy going forward, we give you monthly tasks to complete, and a checklist to tick them off and keep you on course.

SEO couldn’t be more easy or do-able with our help!

We’ve designed this course for beginners and time poor business owners. You don’t need any prior knowledge of SEO, and you just need to spare two to three hours a week to complete the course. (Or less if you’re a fast worker.)

And with lifetime access to the content, you can take longer if you wish – and return to the course every year to plan your next 12-month strategy, making it unbeatable value for money.

So if you’d love to understand SEO and create your own strategy – with easy tasks to follow to implement it – come and join our four week course

We’ll show you how you can increase your chances of getting found for the right keywords – and knock your competitors off that all-important top spot of Google!

Ready to plan your entire SEO strategy in just four weeks, with our help? Join our SEO Kit now for instant access!