Five reasons why you need to fix your SEO right now

Love to rank on Google for your chosen search terms? Find out why SEO is easier than you think – and why you need to fix yours NOW.

With so much on your plate as a small business owner, it’s easy (and understandable) to let some things slide. And often, SEO is top of the ‘I’ll get to that later’ list.

The problem is that ‘later’ never actually comes, and your SEO never gets fixed.


But these days, you can’t afford to de-prioritise your SEO. Because for every place you slip down the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), your competitors are stealing business that could have been yours.

Five reasons why you need to fix your SEO right now

The fact is that today, SEO matters A LOT. And, according to research by SEO experts Backlinko, if you’re not at the top of a SERP for your keywords, you might as well be nowhere.

Here are five reasons why you need to make SEO a priority today.

1) 23% of people use autocomplete

According to Backlink’s research, 23% of the time, Google searchers use one of Google’s autocomplete suggestions. That means that as they’re typing their search term in, Google predicts what they might be looking for – and gets it right.

So it’s essential that you do your keyword research, and make sure the page(s) you want to rank are optimised for the right keywords. This is even more important when ranking for informational and local search terms.

2) 50% of people click on a result in just nine seconds

Even if you do manage to rank for a search term, did you know that half of all Google users click on a result within just nine seconds of searching? Or that the average amount of time it takes a Google searcher to click on something is only 14.6 seconds?

This means that your result needs to be at the top of the page, and written in such a way that users are compelled to choose YOUR page over another result.

3) Only 9% of people get to the bottom of page one

Another reason why you need to be right at the top of the first page for your chosen search term is that just a measly 9% of Google searchers make it to the bottom of page one.

That means that the other 91% have clicked on a search result higher up the page. So celebrating that you’ve made it to page one really doesn’t mean much. You rally need to be in the top spot.

4) Only 17% of people return to the results page

Need further proof that where you rank matters. Just 17% of users bounced back to the search results after clicking on a result. And only 5% of users bounce more than once for the same query.

So don’t try consoling yourself that people might still come back and find you if their first chosen page wasn’t what they were looking for. Most of the time you have just ONE SHOT at getting that all-important click through.

5) 42% of people click on the Google Maps results

Google Map packs appear in almost 30% of all first page SERPs. And, when searching for local results, 42% of people click on results inside of them. Here’s what one looks like:

This means that it’s essential you properly set up your Google My Business listing if want to pick up local search traffic in your area.

How can you fix your SEO?

So now you’re (hopefully) convinced about the importance of fixing your SEO, what can you do about it?

One of the reasons why so many small businesses put off working on their SEO is because they think it’s complicated. Or hard. Or will take a long time.

And we get it. If these things were true then we understand why you’d prioritise more urgent tasks that are more likely to deliver quicker results for less effort.

But they’re not.

SEO is much simpler than you probably realise. The basics of SEO are easy to understand, and ranking for a useful keyword for your business is quicker and more within your reach than you probably realise.

You also don’t need out get outside help for SEO if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. With some basic help you can easily DIY your SEO and rank for the terms you need.

How do I know? Because I have DIYed Talented Ladies Club’s SEO myself right from the start. I taught myself SEO from reading blogs and learning from experience. Today I have seven and a half year’s expertise in practical SEO, and earned over 3.5 million hits from organic search.

I recently got an SEO expert to audit our site to see if I was missing any helpful tricks, and everything I was doing was correct.

How an article ranked at #1 in Google within days

To give you an example of how quickly you can see results when you get SEO right, here is the search traffic for an article published on our site on 21 May last year:

Within just three months this article had attracted over 15,400 page views. As you can see from the diagram, it ranked very quickly after publishing.

This demonstrates just how rapidly you can see results from Google when you get SEO right. And that’s just what we can help you to do with our SEO Masterclass for small businesses.

How we can help YOU rank on Google too

Talented Ladies Club would not be here today if wasn’t for Google. And our SEO strategy is completely self-taught. Which means that we know exactly how to build an SEO strategy from scratch when you have zero knowledge and experience.

And we can teach you how to do the same. Watch our SEO Masterclass now and you’ll get a jargon-free overview of how SEO works to ensure you properly understand it, plus practical things you can do now to find the right keywords and improve your ranking.

In just one hour you can go from finding SEO confusing to finally getting what Google is looking for from your website, and having concrete steps to take.

And if you’re not already serious about SEO, we hope this article has given you an incentive to get serious about it! Because if you’re not ranking for the right keywords for your business, you can bet your competitors are. And when it comes to business today, she who ranks, wins.

If you want to win at SEO and business, watch our SEO Masterclass now.