How to minimize your costs with affordable wedding photography

Planning your marriage and looking for ways you can trim your budget? Find out how you can minimize costs with affordable wedding photography.

There’s so much you need to pay for when you get married: dress, venue, flowers, food and drink, cars, entertainment and much more.

One of the mist significant expenses – and one you really don’t want to cut out completely – is wedding photography. You’ll want professional photos of your big day to look back on and remember in years to come.

But if you have a tight budget for your wedding, you might find yourself looking for ways you can squeeze costs on every element, including photographs. In this article we share some suggestions to help you.

Think about what you want from a photographer

Planning carefully and well in advance is important when looking for affordable wedding photography in Adelaide. Start our by discussing with your partner what kind of photopgraphy style you like, and what photos you want taken on the day. For example, do you want a photographer to follow you the entire day, from getting ready to evening party? Or are you happy just to have a record of the service? Obviously the longer a photographer spends at your wedding, the more expensive it will be.

Also think about what kind of photographs you like? Do you prefer a more informal, reportage style that captures the energy of the day and you and your guests in a more natural way? Or do you like formal wedding photographs that are posed? And if so, what kind of group shots do you need?

Start searching well in advance

When you have this information you can start looking at available photographers near you who shoot in the kind of style you prefer. You can view their packages, knowing what you want, and you can start eliminating people out of your budget.

The further in advance you start planning this part of your wedding, the more choice you’ll have. So if your budget is tight it is wise to start searching for a photographer as soon as you have confirmed a date. You may even be able to negotiate a discount by booking a significant amount of time in advance.

Avoid buying unnecessary items

When discussing packages with a photographer, don’t let them talk you into buying items you don’t want. This where your initial discussion with your partner about what you need really pays off, because you are clear about which shots you want, and which you don’t.

It’s very easy to get tempted into booking extras with a photographer, especially when you see someone else’s beautiful shots, but if your budget won’t stretch it it then it’s not possible. And you could end up spending more on your wedding than planned, or being forced to cut other items out to make up for your overspend on pictures.

So be clear with the photographer from the outset about what you want, and don’t ask to see, or let them show you, packages that are out of your budget, or not on your list.

Hire an experienced photographer

You may have a tight budget for photography, but don’t go cheap for the sake of it. Try to get the best possible photographer you can with your money. Given the choice, opt for a smaller package with a more experienced professional over a bigger package with a less skilled photographer.

This is your only wedding to your partner and you want to ensure your photos really capture the day and bring you joy for years to come. And you’ll treasure one or two stunning photos far more than you will 100 average ones.

Ask your family and friends to snap away too

As well as hiring a professional photographer, ask your family and friends to record the event and upload their photos to a central folder or drive. This way you’ll have a more rounded view of the day, plus if you opt for a smaller photography package, their photos can fill any gaps.

Realistically you only need a few really professional shots of your partner and you, your ceremony and your guests. So if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a professional photographer for the important shots, and ask family and friends to take wedding pictures to cover the rest.

Photo by Mariah Krafft