10 natural wedding makeup looks

Create a showstopping bridal look with these natural and simple wedding makeup ideas to suit every style of the modern bride. 

There once was a time when people caked makeup on blank canvas faces to create looks that were spectacular works of art. However, nowadays a lot of women, brides included, have begun to embrace a more natural look that enhances their best features, allowing their natural beauty shine through. This is why the simple wedding make up trend has become so popular. 

Neutral bridal makeup is usually light and effortless, giving a bride a natural glow that can only come from her own natural beauty. If you desire this look for your wedding day, then read through our collection of bridal make up ideas for tips that can inspire you to create the most natural and romantic of wedding looks. 

1) Bold eyebrows 

Keeping your wedding makeup simple means, you get a beautiful fresh faced look with little effort. To achieve this, you’ll need to highlight just one or two of your best features, and for some people this is their eyebrows. You can use a detail eyebrow pencil to accent your eyebrows and make them thicker. This will add more dimension to your face. Keep everything else neutral and simple for a romantic look. 

2) Bronze sunset look

If you want that sun kissed look that is perfect for sunset wedding photos, then the primary item in your wedding bridal makeup should be a glimmery bronzer. Use the bronzer to hit the spots on your face that the sun would naturally touch and then blend as much as possible. This look is particularly great for brides with freckles. 

3) Charming rose gold

If you are having a fall wedding, then you want a soft glam bridal makeup that is just as romantic as the season. The subtle metallic hues of rose gold make it perfect for this time of year. You can highlight your face with a smokey eye, but instead of the classic dark shade, choose a rose gold palette for that hint of glimmer in a sexy glint. 

4) Wedding smokey eye makeup 

The smokey eye is a classic wedding makeup that you can totally make your own. A great choice for every eye shape and color, it draws attention to the eyes, so everything else can be kept simple. For a more celebratory look, you can use a glimmery shade instead of matte, and match the color palette with your eyes. A brown palette for brown eyes and so on. Balance this look with a neutral nude lip. 

5) Bold lip for autumn

A bold lip is a great idea for the colder months. So, whether you’re having an autumn or winter wedding, you can go with a red, burgundy or maroon with the perfect berry lip. You can get a lush pout that will last all night with a super hydrating liquid matte lipstick. Combine this with a dramatic eyeshadow or keep everything else simple. 

6) Pink monochrome

Monochrome makeup looks for weddings can give you a unified look. For a summer wedding you could consider a pink monochrome. Choose matching shades of pink for your lipstick, eyeshadow and blush for a simple and sweet wedding look. You can draw attention to the eyes with an effortless mascara or install extra long lashes. 

7) Glam eyes

Get a simple but stunning look with shimmery glam eyes. You can choose a glittery metallic gold shade of eyeshadow to enhance the features of dark or brown eyes. To complete this stunning look, you can contour the cheekbones with highlighter and keep lips simple with liquid nude lipstick. 

8) Bridal eyeliner

Match your eyeliner to your bridal look by choosing a white eyeliner over a darker color to create the classic wing. This simple but eye-catching look can completely change the game on your wedding day makeup. Paired with a white or silver wedding dress and white bridal heels, you will have a trendy look perfect for the modern bride. 

9) Summer glow

Achieve a natural, dewy glow with this wedding makeup idea. Use simplistic lip color and eyeshadow for that neutral look. To get the perfect summer glow, mix an illuminator or luminizer with your foundation for that bright, luminous look. 

10) Simple, glam wedding makeup

You can have simple makeup that is glamorous at the same time. Pair a nude natural lip with the most stunning eyes. You can choose silver flakes or pearl stones, whatever style of opulence you desire to match your dress. Use eyelash glue to stick on the pearl rhinestones or silver flakes and you have a completely knockout look. 

Whether you want a minimalist or neutral wedding look, you can make a huge impression with any of these simple wedding make up ideas. Each style is proof that sometimes simple and natural looks can be the most special of all. 

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