How much money can you earn with MONAT, the new MLM coming to the UK?

Considering joining or using MONAT, the new hair product MLM hitting the UK? Find out how much you can expect to earn with MONAT (and why they’re involved in a scandal in the US).

So, MONAT, the infamous hair product MLM is headed to the UK. Already we’re seeing frantic social media posts from reps attempting to get in at the ‘top’ and build large UK downlines under them.

But how great are MONAT products? And what kind of business opportunity does it represent? We decided to do some investigating to find out.


What is MONAT?

Launched in 2014, MONAT Global is an MLM (multilevel-marketing company) that sells “natural” and “cruelty-free” hair products. It’s currently available in the USA and Canada, and is launching in the UK.

Why has MONAT caused such a scandal in the US?

There’s an increasing amount of scandal around MONAT in the US. Many users complain that they’ve experienced terrible side-effects from the products, and MONAT has responded by launching lawsuits.

From what we can gather, this seems to be a common experience of people who complain:

  • Customer starts using MONAT for the first time.
  • Their scalp becomes itchy and breaks out in small sores.
  • They’re told by their MONAT rep this is the ‘detox phase’ and to persevere.
  • The sores get worse and their hair becomes brittle and begins to fall out.
  • They’re told by their MONAT rep this is still the ‘detox phase’ and to persevere.
  • The symptoms continue to worsen and they either stop using MONAT or are recommended to stop using it by an independent third party.
  • The rep tells them they gave up too early, or weren’t using the shampoo ‘properly’ (or blame something else).

Some users that we have been in contact with are told by their MONAT reps that “the detox can last more than 6 months”. During this time one customer in particular was experiencing significant hair loss and itchy scalp, and told to keep using (and buying) MONAT products – and even to use them more frequently! (Bearing in mind, as we’ll find out later on, these products are extremely expensive.)

Here are just some of the experiences from MONAT customers on Trustpilot. From Kristi:

“I ordered back in March 2017 their renew line.

The first wash was okay, might I add I followed their instructions with each use. I also used the hair masque.
By the 2nd week, I noticed a lot of my hair beginning to fall out and break. I was told to keep using. By the third week, I had sores developing, a burning scalp, greasy hair at the roots, dandruff like build up, breakage of my hair and bald spots.

Of course I was told to keep using!!

At 4 weeks, I quit using the products all together. A hair product should not cause sores and bald spots!!!!! It needs to be pulled from the market.

I had 6 inches removed from my once beautiful hair. And what hair was left that had contact with monat products is still brittle and frizzy.”

And Jennifer:

“I used Monat for 4 months and within the first two weeks of using their products I started to have a very itchy scalp with lots of tiny bumps all around my hairline, I was told from my rep that it was detox and my hair follicles were waking up and the itching was from new growth. I wanted to believe that.

The products made my hair dry and frizzy and my scalp very oily, once again this was blamed on detox; I just wanted to get through the detox and have nice hair and scalp again. Things got worse, I started getting bumps/pimples all Down the back of my neck and extending down my back and forehead and chest. My hands started having an eczema breakout ( I haven’t had a flare up in 3 years).

I went to my family dr and he said to stop using those products. I have since done my research into the ingredients listed in their products which claim to be “naturally based” and I am surprised.

This MLM company has deplorable customer service. I was only given a partial refund and I have lost over two hundred dollars in products that I will never use. Hope this can save someone else from my experience.

You can read more about MONAT, and the scandal surrounding it in this article by The Anti-MLM Coalition. Right now, we’re going to explore the company’s business opportunity and, specifically, find out how much money you can earn with MONAT.

What’s the MONAT business opportunity?

Products aside, what can you look forward to if you join MONAT as a rep? The cheapest way of getting started is with a Starter Kit at a cost of £99. As you can see from the image below, you don’t get much for your money:

That’s right. For £99 you don’t even get any actual bottles of product! Instead, all you get are some sample sachets (like the ones you get free in magazines), and some marketing literature. Here’s a full list of the contents:

  • Assorted product samples
  • Jelly bag
  • SMART Start Roadmap
  • SMART Start Workbook
  • VIP Customer Programme brochures
  • Product magazines

If you want to actually get your hands on some product you can sell, you’ll need to spend at least £199 on a Business Product Pack. And even then you only get eight products, making them, in effect, over £24 each at cost.

How much money can you earn with MONAT in the UK?

And what happens once you do start selling? How much money can you expect to earn with MONAT? Like all MLM companies, MONAT use confusing levels of ranking and terms like PV in their compensation plan, and don’t openly publish how much their reps are being paid (nor how much they’re spending to build their ‘business’).

Here’s their qualification table for their most junior ranks (there are another six ranks above these!):

And here are the commission levels for these ranks:

It’s only at the very end of MONAT’s compensation plan guide that the real truth emerges. In what looks like small print, they admit that “A Typical Participant in the Plan earns between Cdn $22 and $1,188 annualized”:

Yes, that’s ANNUAL earnings, and it doesn’t take into account expenses (including your initial investment to join – a minimum of Canadian $125) and taxes.

How much do MONAT products cost?

As we’ve heard, there’s an increasingly vocal group of women in the US who are claiming that MONAT products have damaged their hair. So how much do these products cost? And how easy would they be to sell?

As an example, let’s take their Revitalize Conditioner. This retails at £45 for 178ml:

We compared the price to products available for sale online at Boots. Their most expensive conditioner is £39.99 for one litre. And Superdrug’s most expensive conditioner is £16 for 300ml. This makes MONAT’s conditioner outrageously expensive by comparison.

MONAT’s pricing even puts Aveda in the shade – their Pure Abundance Volumising Clay Conditioner is just £17.65 for 200ml. Luxury haircare brand Kerastase, meanwhile, sells their Fondant Densite (lifting, bodifying care fondant) conditioner for a mere £22.90 for 200ml.

Given the high pricing of MONAT’s products (it’s nearly three times more expensive than Aveda) we’d imagine it’s not going to be easy to convince people to buy. Even less so when you factor in that it’s an as yet an unknown brand in the UK, and has an increasingly easily-searchable amount of negative reviews (this shocking article came up as the second search result on page one of a search for ‘MONAT’).

Become a MONAT ‘VIP’

You may have noticed that the MONAT conditioner has two more prices: £31 for MP (we presume this means Market Partner and is the cost to MONAT reps) and £38 for VIP.

To become a MONAT VIP you must pay an upfront cost of £18. This entitles you to 15% discount on products (this is the VIP price shown in the image above) and free shipping.

However, as a VIP you must commit to three ‘Flexship’ orders of at least £60. The first order will ship automatically 30 days after you enrol, and the second two can be pushed back for a maximum of 60 days (if you don’t place an order by then one will be shipped to you and you will be charged):

“By joining as a VIP Customer, you must place an initial Flexship order of £60 (a Qualifying Flexship Order) and two more Qualifying Flexship Orders after you enrol. You schedule your first Flexship during enrolment, which by default will ship approximately 30 days after you enrol. These two additional orders can be pushed out up to 60 days at a time, and there is no set deadline on when you must complete your three orders. If you do not push out your order, your order will be shipped and you will be billed.”

This means within a maximum of seven months you are committing to spend £180 on products, plus £18 membership.

An average of 99.6% of MLM reps actually LOSE money

When you see the real average earnings of reps like MONAT, and Stella&Dot (according to Stella&Dot themselves, “The typical stylist (including inactives) during 2015 earned between $0 to $100…”) you understand why MLMs have such a high turnover of reps.

Because, when expenses are taken into account, an average of 99.6% of MLM reps lose money in their ‘business opportunity’. They pile debt onto their credit cards and fake smiles in their Facebook live videos, hoping enough people will buy their lies and help them out of their hole… and on track to the work-from-home dream they were sold.

Avoid joining an MLM

Many MLMs deliberately target mothers – we’re often looking for ways to make money working from home and have networks of fellow-mum friends we can sell to and recruit. But the truth, as we’ve just explained, is rarely close to the dream you’re sold.

We would strongly advise you to avoid joining an MLM – or purchasing products from one (they’re often overpriced for their quality). There are far better ways to earn money and avoid debt (and heartache) than investing your time, money and hope in a business model that apparently leads to failure for more than 99% of participants.

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