How much can you make with MLM Acti-Labs?

Over the past few months we’ve looked at the earning potential (or more accurately, the likely lack of!) with several MLMs. Now we’re turning our attention to Acti-Labs.

So how does Acti-Labs work? Let’s start with the positives. There appear to be no quotas to remain active, nor auto ships with Acti-Labs, unlike some MLMs. And, on the plus side, their compensation plan is actually understandable! They don’t have complex structures (like Isagenix, for example) that makes it impossible to fathom what you actually get paid.

Acti-labs also, refreshingly, don’t bother with all that PV, GV nonsense. You can actually clearly see how much you have to sell, and what you will get. Plus personal commission payments are made into your bank account weekly. All very simple and fair.


At the bottom level of Acti-Labs you’re paid in Acti-Cash

BUT in order to get paid your team commission, it seems you need to sell over £175 a month and your downline must sell £280. At this level you’re only paid in Acti-Cash, which basically seems to be credits towards buying Acti-Lab products (and these need to be spent by the 7th of the following month when your balance is reset).

So, if you’re only on level one of their compensation plan, it looks like you’re forced to buy more products from Acti-Labs (and fast) to get your team commission (as far as we can tell your personal commission is paid in cash).

Also, there’s nothing really different about their compensation plan that marks them out as being an exceptionally amazing opportunity.

As you can see, basic personal sales commission starts at 20%, rising to a maximum of 30% if you sell over £700 a month:

Even at that top level, you’d only earn £210 personal commission a month (before expenses – more about this later) which isn’t much of an income for sales that, in our opinion, which will come with considerable effort.

So how much could you make with Acti-Labs?

To find out how much you could make with Acti-Labs, we did some sums based on their compensation plan. Here’s what you need to earn to reach each of the nine levels of their compensation plan:

And here’s their 2018 commission table for each level:

What can you make at the top level of Acti-Labs?

To be really generous, let’s look at what you can make at the top level of Acti-Labs. This is level nine, and for the sale of the calculations here, we’ll assume you met all your targets and personally sold £700 in one month, plus achieved precisely all your team commissions.

Here are your earnings as far as we can see (we checked the accuracy of these calculations with an Acti-Lab rep):

  • Personal commission of 30% on £700 = £210
  • Gen 1 team sales commission of 10% on £10,500 = £1,050
  • Gen 2 team sales commission of 4% on £35,000 = £1,400
  • Gen 3 team sales commission of 6% on £112,000 = £6,720

Total = £9,380

So, not a bad monthly income. BUT, the team commission sales above are actually only 80% of their actual sales (as Acti-Labs has already paid 20% commission on the sales).

So, in order to earn that sum, your downline collectively need to sell £253,400 of products in ONE month. These earnings are also before expenses.

We haven’t seen an income disclosure statement for Acti-Labs, so have no way of knowing how many reps reach (or maintain) level nine – or any of the levels in the company.

What can you make at lower levels of Acti-Labs?

There are nine Elite Leader levels. Let’s look at a couple more to get an idea of how much you can make with Acti-Labs. If you’re at level six, your earnings look like this:

  • Personal commission of 25% on £350 = £87.50
  • Gen 1 team sales commission of 10% on £5,250 = £525
  • Gen 2 team sales commission of 4% on £7,000 = £280
  • Gen 3 team sales commission of 3% on £8,750 = £262.50

Total = £1,155 (Your downline will have to sell £26,250 of products a month for you to earn this.)

And if you’re at level three, your earnings look like this:

  • Personal commission of 20% on £175 = £35
  • Gen 1 team sales commission of 8% on £1,400 = £112
  • Gen 2 team sales commission of 4% on £700 = £28

Total = £175 (Your downline will have to sell £2,625 of products a month for you to earn this.)

Again, all these earnings are before expenses.

What are your expenses with Acti-Labs?

So what expenses might you incur with Acti-Labs? As with most MLMs, we’d imagine your expenses will include any advertising and promotion costs, the cost of travel and parties (if you host them to sell), order forms and packaging, samples, and shipping.

How much does shipping cost with Acti-Labs? Shipping in the UK is £4.40 for 72 hours tracked, and £6.50 if you want delivery on a Saturday. If your delivery is unsuccessful and returned to Acti-Labs, they refund the purchase price less an admin and return delivery cost to you of $20.

Why would you buy from Acti-Labs?

Acti-Lab’s products also seem very expensive for what they are. Take their eye shadow blender brush for £7 (plus shipping). Its description just says: “New Shadow Blender Brush. Vegan Friendly, cruelty free synthetic hair.”

To compare, the range of eye shadow blender brushes at Superdrug cost from £1.99-£7.99.

Their toothpaste is £4, which seems expensive to us, but again doesn’t have anything in the description that would justify why you should buy THAT toothpaste.

Why would you buy from Acti-Labs when you can buy comparable products for less from the high street? It admits that it’s not even a vegan brand!

Why we wouldn’t join Acti-Labs

To date there’s nothing we have seen in Acti-Labs that marks them out as a better income opportunity than any other MLM. As you can see from our sums above, you need to build a substantial downline to earn money, and even then, the profits don’t seem comparable, to us, for the effort you’ll have to expend to get there (nor the expenses).

As with all MLMs, we don’t recommend you join Acti-Labs. Thorough research shows that, on average, 99.6% of participants in an MLM lose money. And without an income disclosure statement proving otherwise, there’s nothing to indicate that Acti-Labs offers any greater opportunity than other MLMs.

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We take every care to ensure our articles are as accurate as possible. If you work for Acti-Labs and spot any factual inaccuracies in this article please contact us and we will amend. Equally, if you wish to share an official income disclosure statement with us, we would be delighted to see it and adjust this article accordingly.