How I multiplied my Twitter followers by 12 in six months using Twitter Tune-up

Love to transform your results on Twitter? Find out how one business multiplied their Twitter followers by 12 in six months using Twitter Tune-up. 

Since we launched our online course Twitter Tune-up, we’ve seen businesses and freelancers achieve impressive results – and many of them noticed big changes in their engagement and results straight away.

Some of their achievements including seeing a 160% increase in retweets in just two weeks, and gaining “connections from all over the world, a blog article within a few hours, and coverage on a national TV evening news programme.”

How I multiplied my Twitter followers by 12 in six months

To give you an idea of how Twitter Tune-up can help you, we asked one student, digital expert Carolyn Strand of CJ Strand, exactly what results she’s got from the course, and how it’s changed how she uses Twitter.

She reveals how she managed to multiply her followers by 12 over just six months, and how amazing Twitter has now become for networking.

When did you first start using Twitter?

I joined Twitter in May 2014.

Did you find it easy at first, or did you struggle?

I couldn’t find much use for it! I was already on Facebook for personal connections and some business interaction and couldn’t see what Twitter could or would add to that activity.

Twitter seemed to be mostly about trends, celebrities and competitions. I suspected I should be using it more and it wasn’t until I formally started my freelance business that I thought about it properly and knew I had to get my sleeves rolled up and get involved with Twitter.

When did you join Twitter Tune-up?

In September 2017.

How did Twitter Tune-up change how you approached Twitter?

Totally! Twitter Tune-up showed me how to use Twitter for my business without having to go through a social learning curve.

The course completely refined my view of what Twitter actually is and what it does. I was trying to match it to a Facebook or LinkedIn model when in fact, Twitter is completely different.

I now realise how amazing Twitter is for creating a network of contacts in both very niche and widely general business sectors. I also have an online retail business and am now using Twitter to reach consumer influencers and awareness of the brands I sell.

And what results has it brought you?

My digital marketing business following has gone from 51 followers before I started the course to 643 today – so nearly 600 new followers in six months.

I am pretty sharp on the quality of my connections, I am only following 478 and am quite specific what I tweet and retweet to maintain quality so I am VERY happy with those numbers.

I have also taken some accounts from zero in the past couple of months – one has 122 followers and 284 likes already using the same strategies. I have had new clients who found me on Twitter, I am finding PR opportunities and meeting some well connected people.

How long do you spend on Twitter each week?

Probably less than an hour, on average in total although I have focus weeks for each different platform so sometimes I give it a bit of extra attention – it’s very quick normally.

Do you spend more, less or the same amount of time on Twitter after Twitter Tune-up?

Less unproductive time, but probably more time in total because it works!

What was the single biggest lesson you learned from Twitter Tune-up?

Unfollowing – never ocurred to me but so very important, and one of the tools recommended (Crowdfire) I am now the biggest fan of – infact I recommend and resell it to my clients!

Do you have a strategy on Twitter now?

It’s developing all the tme. My main focus is quality – of what I tweet, what I retweet, who follows me, who I follow. I really want to improve my profile as a ‘go to’ person for small business digital marketing/ecommerce advice and resources.

Do you use hashtags?

If I remember and I think they will be relevant and useful, and if there is a relevant one trending.

Do you use any automation tools or just tweet in real time?

I literally cannot live without Crowdfire now! I am trying to pick *the best* cross-platform posting system at the moment – some come close but I haven’t found my ideal fit yet, it may take more than one to achieve what I want for my own and my clients businesses.

What’s your top Twitter tip?

Don’t try and use Twitter like Facebook or other social media platforms, learn how to use it. Secondly, unfollow!!

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