Three tactics to boost your sales with Facebook ads retargeting

Are you struggling to sell your products or services online? Do you keep reading about how great Facebook ads are, but can’t get them to work for you? Find out why retargeting may be the answer.

Marketing expert Emilia Rice explains how you can get your marketing campaign to work smarter, for less, simply by using Facebook ads retargeting.

Not everyone will buy straight away

When you sell a product or service, not everyone will buy straight away. In fact, many potentially profitable customers will need some ‘nurturing’ before they make the decision to part with their cash.

But how exactly can you nurture potential customers? Facebook retargeting is a clever, cost-effective solution.

Many people don’t know about Facebook retargeting yet

Facebook retargeting is a feature that came out a few months ago, and a lot of small businesses still don’t know of its existence yet, or if they do, how to use it to its full potential.

Facebook retargeting simply means that when someone lands on your website or landing page, you place a cookie on their browser. So next time they’re on Facebook, you can serve your ad in their newsfeed.

It’s a very powerful way of keeping in touch with existing customers, and turning curious visitors into valuable buyers.

Three Facebook retargeting tactics that work

Setting up a Facebook retargeting campaign is very simple. But there’s a lot more to it if you want to get the best results from it.

All marketing spend is an investment, so it’s worth spending the time and effort to make sure you’re maximising your return on investment (ROI) every time you run your ads. To help you, here are three Facebook ads retargeting tactics that work well and will give you Facebook value 2023.

1) Goodwill first, sales later

Many small businesses make the mistake of running ads that take their prospect directly to a sales page. After all, if someone has clicked on your ad, they must be interested in buying from you right?

Actually, the buying process is more complex. To ease them closer to a conversion (and actually parting with money for your product or service) you need to convince them that you’re worth it by offering them goodwill content.

But what exactly counts as ‘goodwill content’? Let’s say you’re a personal trainer for expats, and a visitor looked at your 4 Week Personal Training Bootcamp page but left without buying.

You know they have an interest in personal training, but either weren’t convinced by your sales page, or weren’t ready to buy. So what can you do?

One suggestion may be to create a retargeting ad with a free video revealing 10 Tips to Stay Trim While Travelling – after all as an expat they probably travel, and you know they’re interested in fitness. After they watch the video, you can show them a sales ad that takes them directly to your sales page.

Why does this work? People want to know they can trust you to give them their desired result – which your free video did. Once they are convinced you are the right fit for them, buying will become a natural next step for them to take.

2) Follow up on your email offers

If you run an online business then I am going to assume you do some of your selling via email. And if not, then you need to start now!

When you give your subscribers an offer, they don’t always convert – and this is pretty much the same with all kinds of offers. But all is not lost, because these sales can also be retargeted.

Here’s another example to demonstrate what I mean. To try and entice a potential customer, you offer a discount on an upcoming workshop and create a Facebook ad promoting it. You can choose to only show these ads to prospects who opened your email but didn’t buy a ticket to your workshop.

Social media is an excellent opportunity to give your offers more visibility – and Facebook’s user numbers speak for themselves. So if you haven’t already started using Facebook ads for retargeting, then start now.

To use Facebook retargeting to get maximum value from your email marketing campaign, all you need to do is build a website custom audience from your email list and start running your ad.

It’s really easy to upload a CSV file of people who have opened your email from Aweber – find out if your provider has this feature too and make use of it.

3) Cross-sell!

If you’ve been in business for any length of time then you’ll have heard of the term cross-selling before.

Cross-selling is pitching a product that’s related and complimentary to the one your customer just bought.

For instance, every time I go on MAC to buy lip gloss and face powder, I see ads on my Facebook feed for lip liners and make up brush sets. This is MAC making use of Facebook retargeting and cross-selling.

This type of marketing works and is a natural fit – I have actually bought a set of make-up brushes after seeing this retargeting ad by MAC! There was no resistance at all because it made perfect sense for me. Had I seen an ad for the makeup brushes before I’d bought the face powder I wouldn’t have considered buying them.

So if you have products or services that are a natural fit for ones existing customers have already bought, or shown an interest in, use Facebook retargeting to show those ads to those people – and take the opportunity to boost your sales.

Facebook retargeting is fantastic value for money

Not only are Facebook retargeting ads highly effective, but they’re also fantastic value for money.

I pay just $0.05 per click for my Facebook retargeting ads. Normally, the cost per click (CPC) is higher because your ads are competing with other companies trying to reach the same audience.

But remarketing ads are cheaper because no one else is targeting people who have visited your landing page. Making them brilliant value!

How can you use retargeting to boost your sales?

Facebook remarketing ads are such a great, cost-effective sales opportunity – but only when you understand how to use them properly.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can implement them with practical tips, watch Emilia’s free masterclass now!