How I gained six freelance clients directly from Twitter

If you’re on Twitter for business, you need to be doing business on Twitter. Every minute you spend on the platform needs to be connected in some way to your business goals and bottom line. 

And yet few businesses and freelancers really get Twitter right.

In a bid to correct this, we created our online course Twitter Tune-up. In it you’ll learn everything you need to use Twitter effectively for business, including how to turn it into a powerful sales tool.

Already, many freelancers and businesses have reaped the rewards of understanding how Twitter really works for businesses – and we’d love to help you transform your results on the platform too.

How I gained six freelance clients directly from Twitter

To demonstrate just how Twitter can be such a powerful sales tool, find out how Umit Isil Simsek from Social Thyme gained six social media clients for her freelance business, just from using Twitter.

When did you first start using Twitter?

I first started using Twitter as a mum blogger in 2010.

Did you find it easy at first, or did you struggle?

As a blogger, I did not find it difficult because other bloggers that I have been following and engaging with, were also on Twitter. I started to join in with the conversations and everyone was friendly.

How did you get the hang of Twitter?

At first it’s really overwhelming and you tend to think, is it okay for me to reply to this tweet -especially if it’s from someone you have never talked with. But remembering Twitter is a public platform helps. If someone has shared something on Twitter, anyone can reply. This mindset helped me become more comfortable about it.

When and why did you decide to start your own social media business?

As a blogger I was using social media effectively to build my own audience and I was looking for a flexible job back in 2015. Then one day I came across a social media course and decided to go for it. I set up my business straight after graduation and never looked back.

How has Twitter helped you and your clients?

A couple of people contacted me via Twitter because they could see that I was sharing helpful social media content including my own content. They said this helped them understand that I know my stuff.

For my clients, I always focus on building relationships via Twitter. This can be with prospective business partners, influencers, bloggers, stores etc.

For one client, I built a good relationship with an influencer simply by sharing their content, by being chatty and kind. They noticed us and started to reciprocate. A couple of months later, they decided to open their own marketplace and offered to sell my clients’ products.

It’s even better if my client has lots of content such as blogs that solves peoples problems. This helps drive traffic to the website and show the expertise of the client as well.

How many clients has Twitter gained you, and how did you get them?

I gained six clients directly from Twitter. I found two of them as they were looking for a social media manager and the others approached me.

How long do you spend on Twitter each week?

I spend around five hours a week for a client. For myself, it is more ad hoc as I simply don’t have much time.

Do you have a strategy for your clients, or is your tweeting ad hoc?

For my clients, I always start with a strategy so that we have objectives that we are working towards.

Do you use hashtags?

Yes, I use two to three hashtags.

Do you use any automation tools or just tweet in real time?

Yes I use tools such as Buffer and Social Bee. This helps me plan and create the content and be organised about it. And I also tweet and engage in real time a couple of times a day.

What’s your top Twitter tip?

My top tip is being human, and not just sharing content on Twitter. Being kind and helpful. Engaging with people so they get to know you and trust your expertise. Nurturing these relationships takes time but it works.

Are you ready to turn Twitter into a powerful sales too for your business too?

If you’re not seeing impressive results from your efforts on Twitter then something needs to change. Either you divert your time to more profitable activities and forget Twitter, or you learn how to use it properly.

Over seven online modules, our course Twitter Tune-up will teach you everything you need to know to turn Twitter into a powerful sales tool – and start seeing results almost immediately.

So if you’re ready to start doing business on Twitter, join now and turn it into the sales tool it should be for your business.