How Twitter got me quoted next to Richard Branson in Forbes

Love to get yourself or your business in the media, but can’t afford a PR company? Find out how Twitter can achieve this in just a few minutes a day. 

Since we launched Talented Ladies Club we’ve achieved impressive national media coverage – from features and quotes in The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph and Guardian, to appearances on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show and Women’s Hour.

And most of this coverage was gained through Twitter.

We’ve since shared our best PR tip with students in our online course Twitter Tune-up (the best Twitter course if you want to do business on the social media platform) and friends – like Paula Hutchings from Marketing Vision Consultancy.

We really like how Paula uses Twitter – in fact, we first met her on the platform – so we asked her to share some of her experience and advice to help other freelancers and small businesses.

How Twitter got me quoted next to Richard Branson in Forbes

Twitter is a brilliant platform to connect with journalists and gain free PR coverage for your business. Using the hashtag #journorequest makes it really easy to search Twitter and connect with journalists when they are looking for specific contributions to features that they are writing.

It’s generally easier to gain coverage via #journorequest (when the journalist is actively looking for contributions or content) than it is if you pitch an idea cold.

Using this hashtag I have achieved several pieces of PR coverage in great publications and national press, including Forbes (with Richard Branson!), Natwest and Metro.

How often are you on Twitter?

I’m on it daily, multiple times a day. I regularly check #journorequest also.

How many hours a week in total do you spend on Twitter?

Mmmm, I would say 15-30 minutes a day (though I have been really busy lately, so not so much recently).

Do you have a strategy or is it ad hoc?

A loose strategy! I share my own blog content, retweet interesting businesses and information sources, connect with journalists et.

I don’t have a daily plan mapped out as such, but I would put one together if had more time to do it. I have been a little side-tracked with Instagram recently also. I don’t expect to get business from Twitter, but it is a brilliant way of connecting with people and can lead to great opportunities.

Do you use hashtags?

Yes, in my own tweets and to research, search for things etc.

Do you use any automation tools or just tweet in real time?

I have been tweeting in real time, but now my new site has launched I will sort out Social Jukebox. Scheduling has been on my to do list for looooong time. But I will still use in real time too to strike the balance.

What’s your top Twitter tip?

If you are seeking PR coverage, use the ‘Latest’ feature so that you get the latest #journorequests only and don’t have to trawl through so many. A tip I picked up from Talented Ladies Club!

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