Why are so many businesses making this simple mistake on Twitter?

Wonder why people don’t follow you back on Twitter? It could be because you’re making this simple, but common, mistake.

If you’re on Twitter for business, it’s important to attract the right followers. People who will either be potential customers, or influencers who will help you to build your brand and reputation, and reach a wider audience.

But if you’re making this simple mistake, you won’t attract those important followers.

Fill in your Twitter profile properly

What is this mistake? It’s very simple: not filling in your profile properly.

As basic as this may seem, you’ll be surprised at the amount of businesses and freelancers that don’t do it. And this becomes very clear when we look to follow back interesting people who have followed us.

We don’t have the time to click on the profile of every follower and check they’re a real person or business, and the type of account we’d like to follow. So if we don’t get a clue from their profile, we don’t follow them back.

How do you fill in your Twitter profile properly?

So what do you need to do to fill in your profile properly? At the very least you need to make sure you do these three things:

  • Add a profile photo or logo
  • Add a cover image
  • Write your bio

If you want to increase the number of people who follow you back, make sure you tick off these three basic requirements, and give people a small clue of what you do. Or even that you’re a real person or business.

Learn how to use Twitter properly for business

If you’re making this very basic Twitter mistake,you’re probably missing plenty of other important tricks on Twitter too – and losing followers and business as a result.

Twitter is a valuable business tool, and very simple to use when you know how. It’s been incredibly important for us – giving us thousands of click throughs to our site every month, and national media coverage.

Over the past four years we’ve grown our account to over 39,000 followers, and have achieved this spending just half an hour a day on the platform.

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