How can you make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

93% of companies today use LinkedIn for recruiting. But how can you be sure that YOUR LinkedIn profile is the one they notice?

When we ran a survey recently to find out how you were using and felt about LinkedIn, we discovered that while you were aware that being on LinkedIn was important, you didn’t feel confident about using it.

From the survey, eight common questions emerged. So we created a series of posts to answer each one in turn for you. (You can read the others here.)

How can you make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

One question that we get asked often, not just in the survey, is how you can increase the chances of your profile being noticed by recruiters, freelance clients and potentially useful business connections.

And the answer is easier – and more attainable – than you may think.

Like many things in life, LinkedIn is actually rather easy to use (and get ‘right’) when you know how. So there’s no one magic answer to this question – no big secret that LinkedIn power users know and you don’t.

Rather, if you want to make sure your profile stands out, you just need to do lots of little things – to follow LinkedIn best practice and be consistent in your efforts on the platform.

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14 ways you can make your profile stand out

To help you get noticed, here are 14 ways you can make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out:

  1. Add the right profile photo.
  2. Research and use the right keywords.
  3. Write an engaging headline.
  4. Customise your URL.
  5. Write a brilliant summary.
  6. Include a call to action.
  7. And details of to contact you.
  8. Add rich media.
  9. List your jobs with tasks and results.
  10. Use ‘action’ words.
  11. Re-order your skills to highlight the most important ones.
  12. Ask for recommendations.
  13. Achieve LinkedIn All Star Status.
  14. Post regular status updates.

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