How do you stop wasting time on LinkedIn?

Is it worth investing your time in LinkedIn? And if so, what’s the best way to make your time count – and get the most from LinkedIn?

One question we’re asked often is whether it’s really worth spending time on your LinkedIn profile. And it’s a good one – after all we’re all busy people, and there’s a LOT competing for space on our to-do list.

Increasingly though, it isn’t just worth spending time getting your LinkedIn profile right (and even better – being active on the platform), it’s essential.

The more recruiters, freelance clients and businesses we talk to, the more we realise that people rely on LinkedIn to find and vet people. And not just for jobs. Event organisers use it to find speakers. Businesses look for freelancers on it… the list of uses can go on and on.

In fact if you’re not on LinkedIn it’s considered by some as a red flag. Employers have told us that if a candidate doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s a tick in the ‘no’ box.

And clients, given a number of potential freelancers to choose from, are often more likely to trust the one with a more accessible and rounded online presence. (In most cases, your LinkedIn profile is also more likely to appear at the top of an online search than your website or other listing – making it even more important to get right.)

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How do you make your time on LinkedIn count?

So if LinkedIn is so important, how do you make sure you spend your time on it wisely? Because, like any social network, LinkedIn can be a huge waste of time if you’re not clever about how you use it.

To ensure you don’t waste time on LinkedIn, follow these simple principles:

  • Know exactly why you are on LinkedIn – what you want from it.
  • Identify what actions will help you achieve this.
  • Allocate a set amount of time for using it – and stick to it.
  • Make a list of what you need to do and start working through it.
  • Set yourself goals to achieve on LinkedIn (for example, complete your profile, make X new useful connections, get X new references or apply for X jobs a week).
  • Be consistent – don’t just have a go at your profile and then give up.

And above all remember: like any other professional activity, if you are directed, targeted and regimented in how you use LinkedIn, you WILL see results, and it will pay back the time you invest in it.

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