How can you get the most from LinkedIn Groups?

Love to join LinkedIn Groups but not sure what do to in them? Read six ways you can get the most out of LinkedIn Groups.

Most of us today know how important having a LinkedIn profile is for our professional online brand. But just writing a profile isn’t enough. If you really want to make the most of the opportunities LinkedIn offers, you need to use it – whether you’re looking for a new role, extending your freelance client list, or hoping for new business connections and opportunities.

But how do you use LinkedIn? In Love LinkedIn we show you 20 ways you can cleverly use your profile to gain attention. And one of the most important of these strategies is to be active in LinkedIn Groups.

Six ways you can get the most from LinkedIn Groups

So what do you do in LinkedIn Groups? Once you’ve found the right groups to join, here are six ways you can get the most out of them:

  1. Answer questions – if someone asks a question you know the answer to, use it as an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience, and be helpful.
  2. Ask questions – remember to ask questions too, both to ask for advice on something or to initiate debate. Play an active role in keeping the group interesting.
  3. Share resources – if you come across interesting and relevant articles and videos, share these with the group to establish yourself as a knowledgeable source of information.
  4. Give, don’t take – if you posts are solely self-promotional or self-serving, you’ll just put people off. Instead, be giving – share what you know without pushing your own agenda.
  5. Connect with members – if you interact with another member, send them an invitation to connect with a personal message. And if pertinent, look for ways to extend your relationship further. For example, can you be helpful to them in some way?
  6. Make sure your profile is perfect – there’s little point investing time in LinkedIn Groups if your profile lets you down.

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