Five ways you can boost your productivity in winter with a home office spruce-up

Do you find it hard to stay motivated on grey, miserable days? Here are five ways you can boost your productivity in the winter months with a home office spruce-up.

Working from home has its perks, but with the colder months kicking in, it can be a struggle to stay motivated and focused. The weather and reduced daylight hours can have an impact on your frame of mind, and make you feel more tired.

But all is not lost; you can have a productive day by making a few changes to your workspace. Because after all, just as you can make a house a home, the same can be done to your home office.

We’ve gathered a few helpful tips to help you fight the winter blues and make working from home a breeze.

1) Move furniture closer to windows

During the winter months, it can be tricky to stay motivated. From shorter days to minimal hours of sunlight, it can all feel a bit gloomy.

But don’t worry, there’s a quick fix you can implement to help create a bright and welcoming workspace – why not simply try relocating your desk closer to the window? This change in position can make a significant difference.

2) Add a fresh lick of paint to your walls

It’s time to break out the paintbrush and give your home office a facelift! Whether you love a pop of colour or something more neutral, your home office should reflect your personality and style. According to colour psychology, certain colours can influence our thoughts and emotions.

Use the following colour schemes and ideas to make your home office more inviting and brighter, in turn boosting your productivity:

  • Yellow – Stimulates mental activity and can help raise serotonin levels, so you feel great whilst smashing your daily tasks.
  • White – A safe but reliable colour that’s guaranteed to bring a sense of clarity and crispness to your home office space. 
  • Blues and greens – Creates a sense of balance to help you concentrate and stay focused on the task at hand
  • Reds – If you have a fast-paced job, this is the colour for you. The colour red can help increase the heart rate and boost energy. 
  • Pink – A hint of pink can help to soothe the mind and invoke positive emotion

3) Add plants and greenery to improve air quality

Brighten up your workspace with a houseplant or two! Plants can reduce workplace stress, increase productivity, and improve air quality. They also aid in the absorption of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier.

When buying indoor plants, it’s always best to ensure they will thrive in your home office. If you don’t have much space, don’t fret, a small succulent or hanging fern will work fine. Here is a list of gorgeous houseplants to help you transform your home office:

  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • English Ivy 
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Dracaena

4) Invest in an essential oil diffuser to energise you throughout the day

Feeling the afternoon slump? We get it and understand how hard it can be working from home. After all, we all need energy to keep us positive and motivated, throughout the workday.

But how exactly do you fight the energy slump? Instead of reaching for another coffee, try using an essential oil diffuser. It can be a real lifesaver whilst offering a multitude of benefits, from increased energy to anxiety relief. So, the next time you feel your level of productivity slipping, reach out for these essential oils:

  • Lemon – An uplifting scent that helps cleanse the air, uplift your mood, and reduce mental fogginess.
  • Basil – A sweet and floral scent that can promote focus and attention, whilst soothing the mind.
  • Peppermint– A minty aroma that can stimulate and boost energy and productivity levels whilst alleviating feelings of fatigue. 
  • Rosemary – A refreshing and spicy aroma that helps to stimulate the senses and sharpen one’s focus.  
  • Ginger root – A warming scent that helps to alleviate a lack of motivation and drive whilst soothing the respiratory system.

5) Add motivational quotes and photos to keep you inspired

Some days, you just need a little extra help to get through the day. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by a difficult project or have a full day ahead of you. We get it! It can be draining on your productivity levels. But that’s where motivational photos can save the day. 

Whether it’s of inspirational family members, friends or a celebrity, keeping photos on display around your home office can give you that extra burst of encouragement and inspiration when the going gets tough.

If that’s not convincing enough, a recent survey carried out by Plenty kitchen towel revealed that 44% of people think having family photos on walls and shelves makes a house a home. So why not channel the homely office feel, whilst feeling motivated at the same time?

We hope these handy tips help you feel productive in your home office during the winter months, because it’s always great to smash a workday.

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Photo by Romain V