Six ways to strengthen your motivation

Need a bit of inspiration and re-energising after months of the pandemic? Here are six ways you can strengthen your motivation.

Our motivation and mood can vary depending on the situation we are in. And, not surprisingly, the vast majority of people have struggled with finding motivation during the pandemic.

Months on, and the pandemic still hasn’t passed – and realistically we don’t know when it will yet. So for the meantime, we need to get used to the ‘new normal’, and start adjusting our lives to fit the way we’re lying and working wring now.

If you were wondering how to increase your motivation in these times (and indeed at any time) here are six suggestions for you.

1) Take up a hobby

A new hobby can lift your mood and help you overcome any lingering negative attitude towards life. Your new activity might be something entirely new or an old hobby that still sparks your interest.

A new hobby will also fire up new parts of your brain as you learn new skills – and rekindle sparks of interest with the excitement of learning something new.

Furthermore, you can also disconnect for a while and engage in exciting sports like swimming and surfing on beautiful beaches at Surfing Nahua, which can bring out the best in you. Surfing is an extreme sport that requires physical exertion and mental toughness, which will help you combat stress, boost your mood and confidence and help you feel motivated.

Hobbies help you to meet new people that you share a common interest with, which can have a therapeutic and motivating effect. You don’t even need to meet people face to face – you can join online communities and groups of people with a similar interest.

A new hobby will also fire up new parts of your brain as you learn new skills – and rekindle sparks of interest with the excitement of learning something new.

2) Go to the gym

It might sound like a cliche, but going to the gym can give you more energy and self-esteem. Exercise gives you a rush of mood-boosting endorphins, and the extra energy you gain will last long after you’ve finished exercising.

If you’re worried about injuries, you can opt for private health insurance before going to the gym. You just need to check whether this service is covered under your insurance plan. To find this out, just visit Compare Health Insurance Online, look up the plan and review it thoroughly to find an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

3) Organize a social event

Nothing is more likely to put a smile on your face and re-energise and enthuse you than spending time with people you love.

So, allowing for whatever social restrictions are currently in place, why not arrange to meet up with a friend or family? Just make sure they’re positive people who make you feel better about yourself.

Surrounding yourself with people who radiate positive energy is infectious -and highly motivating. When you hear about their plans, you can get inspired to make positive changes to your own life.

4) Write your feelings down

Don’t bottle up any negative feelings – get them out and onto paper. It’s important to realize that thoughts are just thoughts, not unchangeable facts.

Jotting your feelings down can get help to get rid of any negative energy that has been building up inside your body. Writing is a form of cleansing and leaving negative energy behind you.

This can become a part of your morning ritual, if you like. After you’re finished writing, crumple the paper and throw it in the bin. This represents the process of leaving the bad energy where it belongs – in the trash.

5) Go on job interviews

If you’re jobless at the moment, why don’t you start applying for new jobs? Every interview is a possibility to learn and become familiar with the process of interviewing. You might go through rigorous interview processes or just meet some new people who could be helpful connections.

Either way, you’ll develop interview skills that will come handy in the future once you really decide to get a job you love. You’ll be much more confident and ready to showcase your abilities to your employers or future colleagues for a job you really want.

6) Read motivational books

It’s easy to feel alone when you’re dealing with a difficult situation. So reading about others who have been through a similar problem but have come through can be inspiring.

You can identify with their feelings, and ideas on how perhaps you can resolve your own situation based on their experience. It doesn’t even need to be an identical situation – just reading takes of survival and endurance – when hope ultimately wins out – can be enough to help motivate you.